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  1. Yeah it does, I think i found the problem though. I read an old EVGA forum post that states that 144hz LCD monitors tend to flicker when the GPU downclocks too much in "power saving mode". I fixed this by setting the powerplan to "prefer optimal performance", and what do you know... no flickering anymore.
  2. Okay i did that and with another cable (HDMI) instead of DP, it still shows this flicker. I tried another monitor from the trash pile and it doesn't show any flickering. Is it safe to say this monitor is faulty?
  3. Hi, yetserday i started to notice some flickering going on once in a while in the top portion of my AOC g24G1 after installing a new GPU. I have a dual monitor setup and the other monitor isn't flickering, so I narrowed it down to either the Display Port connection on the monitor being broken, the display port cable being broken or the monitor being broken. Are there any suggestion as to how i need to further investigate this?
  4. I think I warped my motherboard. I noticed this after I built it so today I decided to remount the mobo and cooler, I thought this would fix the warp but it did nothing. The warp is still there, the pc works absolutely perfect. I think it's warped because my cooler which weighs about 760 grams uses the normal am4 cpu backplate. Should I be worried about this warped motherboard?
  5. I just built my new PC and was shocked to see the stock voltages of my 3600. It goes up to 1.4V!. Is this normal? (default bios setting: 1.374V)
  6. Is the CPU power cable in this picture taking too sharp of a turn to the back of the case? Will this damage the mobo in any way? The cable rests against that top fan.
  7. then i'll stop right this second wiggling it xD. i really hope i didnt break smth
  8. My arctic freezer 34 has a tiny bit of sag and the mobo tends to very slightly move when wiggling the cooler(mostly above the cpu socket as there is a large gap from there to the nearest mobo screw). I read online that this could be due to a overtightened cooler... I don't think i overtightened it, I never heard any pops or cracks(not that i know of). PC works great, just wondering if i should be concerned about anything. Temps seem to be normal, a bit squiggly while gaming though. Hopefully I'm just paranoid and everything is OK
  9. still spikes a bit but not nearly as much
  10. Installing the latest chipset drivers and acitvating AMD Ryzen balanced powerplan resolved the issue
  11. OMG, i forgot i was downloading a game lol. When not downloading a game it still does this, just not as harsh and frequent
  12. there is no timeline on the graph sorry. I just set the fan curve to default as I tried some other fan curves but they didnt work.
  13. on idle i get these weird consistant spikes(and in games). In a stress test it just tops out on 72 degrees steady.
  14. sorry I have a REALLY bad camera