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  2. The kef pillow was quite good, if you ordered i they refunded you then secretly sent you a pillow with a pic of a UNI-Q driver on it, for aprils day my gf also told me she was pregnant which was.. fun.
  3. imbrock

    New build, your thoughts ?

    Looks good to me. Anything Noctua is good for an air cooler, though they look like chocolate ice cream.
  4. Lady Fitzgerald

    What is your sleeping position?

    I sleep in a kinda sorta combination of fetal, side, and stomach. I have to sleep mostly on my left side due to a stiff shoulder. I can sleep for a short while on my back but it kills my back and I tend to snore when on my back.
  5. I just installed my 9900k for the first time ever installing one on my own lol everything seems normal I did the installation correctly my question is how do I get 5 ghz ?
  6. Derkoli

    737 Max 8.... I can't help but feel

    Another huge factor was just the MCAS was very aggressive in nosing the plane down under full throttle, IMO they shouldnt have allowed the pilots to fly the new variant unless they new the ins and outs of the MCAS and how to turn it off, also the fact that boeing caused so many deaths just to compete with the new airbus is horrendous, i think that all the executives that caused the decisions about the engines and MCAS should be prosecuted for the deaths caused, even tho the FAA will probably defend boeing in every way they god damn can.
  7. seon123

    Flagship parts...don't care about cost

    The compatibility note just means that some of the SATA ports are disabled, depending on which M.2 slots are occupied. The Z390 Godlike has 6, so you should be fine either way. Just know that PCPP occasionally gets that kind of stuff wrong, so check with the motherboard's manual. You can find the manual on MSI's site. The information about combining M.2, U.2 and SATA is on page 40-41 in the English version of the manual. I know some versions of some RTX cards had issues with part of their VRM. I think the issues are fixed by now, so you should be fine with that. Using an NVMe drive for the OS won't improve boot times. Use it for tasks that actually require reading and writing large files. IE, for things like video editing. If you store important documents, you may want to consider RAID 1 or RAID 5. The PSU is loud, has issues with its protections, and lacks multi rail. The PC should consume ~350W under a gaming load, so a good 550-650W PSU is plenty. From looking at the prices on PCPP US, the Whisper M 750W looks okay. 450RPM on the fan up to 450W, and otherwise good too. You can use Corsair Type 4 cables on it, if you decide to get aftermarket cables. Not sure if the K95 Platinum makes sense. Crappy, laser ablated keycaps, non standard bottom row, and only Cherry switches. The GMMK is a fairly popular hot swappable option, if you need a numpad. Otherwise, there are a bunch of other options, if you don't need a numpad, especially if you're fine with simple through hole soldering.
  8. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant Type Item Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz 6-Core Processor ₹12796.00 @ Amazon India Motherboard Gigabyte - B450 AORUS M Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard ₹9145.00 @ Amazon India Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory ₹11398.00 @ Amazon India Storage ADATA - Ultimate SU650 480 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ₹4999.00 @ Amazon India Video Card Sapphire - Radeon RX 580 8 GB PULSE Video Card ₹21000.00 @ Amazon India Case Deepcool - SMARTER MicroATX Mini Tower Case ₹2650.00 @ Amazon India Power Supply Corsair - CX (2017) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply ₹3990.00 @ Amazon India Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total ₹65978.00 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-04-20 05:59 IST+0530 OK you could get cheaper by buying 1 stick, you can also get a 1tb SSD it's suppose to be cheap considering everyone like M.2 go for sata 3 save the M. 2 slot for something better.
  9. Dagonpower12

    Would My CPU Bottleneck A Graphics Card

    I already have an RTX2070, I was just wondering if it bottlenecks
  10. max668

    GPU temperatures

    what do you recommend ?
  11. Stringtheory

    Current M.2 NVMe comparable to Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    PS: I don't know if temperatures come into play either. I've heard reports of some of the drives getting very hot under continual use, but I don't have much of a gauge for duty cycle yet. The previous Samsung 983 DCT got too hot to touch without even running anything, which was surprising.
  12. Bitter

    Last nVidia card with dual DVI ports?

    Sadly Quadro stuff seems like it holds it's price premium for a long time because systems with the cards in them don't seem to get parted out until they're terribly old.
  13. Slottr

    GPU temperatures

    Well even if you replace the paste you won't see a big temperature change Plus 50 is nothing
  14. Skiiwee29

    ps3 thermal paste

    Any non conductive paste will be just fine which is like 99% of all thermal greases out there. Best ones would be Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut, Noctua NH-T1 or Arctic MX4 are generally regarded as the best of the best in terms of there performance.
  15. Gegger

    what is your guilty pleasure food?

  16. Princess Cadence

    Am I dumb, or did I get a lemon?

    Try using as little sticks as possible since that's just more failure points you're asking to have, go 2x16gb if you need 32gb. You might have to manually polish the memory settings, avoid odd numbers on timings and mess around, the Taichi is among the nicest x470 boards. Would just reconsider using AiO...
  17. Electronics Wizardy

    Flagship parts...don't care about cost

    Why not just get one 2tb nvme drive? Faster and easier to manage.
  18. Derkoli

    is this just anoying or can it cuase damamge?

    This is probably the best chart for hearing damage: http://dangerousdecibels.org/education/information-center/decibel-exposure-time-guidelines/
  19. bratko135

    Gtx 1080ti + Ryzen 5 2600

    It does not reach but what can bottleneck my gpu except CPu ?
  20. max668

    GPU temperatures

    yea I did that but it can be loud. I set the fan to 50%
  21. dual channel above all else
  22. Zmax

    Light gaming PC for friend's birthday

    Hi I have a I5 2500 and a GTX 960 . So far I can play most modern games , except the one like Star Citizen. I can play but the a lot of lags because of low processing and video I am now playing The Division 2 and no problem so far. Video is very acceptable You should be fine.
  23. Stringtheory

    Current M.2 NVMe comparable to Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    The EVO Plus is the one in the spotlight at the moment, but I was asking about contenders. The main two that I keep seeing are WD Black (2019 model) and Corsair. Application is neural network development, mostly. Linux, C++, Python. Lots of number-crunching. The machine has 64GB RAM, a couple 1080ti's and lots of storage. CPU has 28 lanes, so allocation is OK, given that the second GPU can be run with 8 lanes without losing much. That leaves 4 lanes for the NVMe. I'm just trying to get the best speed and endurance. May help in caching some ops, and in swap (if it comes into play), so I was also weighing 1TB vs 2TB. (The EVO Plus 2TB is not available yet) I was originally hoping to use an enterprise class Samsung 983 DCT, which has power loss protection, but I've had no fun with it. (Not recognized as a boot device by BIOS, etc) I think that's about it...
  24. Derkoli

    Audio drivers not working

  25. Change to pro 4, 2 stick of ram find the cheapest and most reliable brand 2400mhz is fine. How about 500gb ssd, is Rx 580 cheaper? Get sapphire. I remember the 5 1600 is on sale with B450m Pro 4
  26. max668

    GPU temperatures

    Im thinking about replacing is thermal paste with something better. I have thermal grizzly. I used it on my old laptop cause I was getting 60 c in idle mode and after using it the temp went down to 30c and never got higher then 70
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