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  1. Took me about an hours worth of research but I found it. This is for anyone in the future searching for the same issue. win+R "netplwiz" Check Users must enter a username and password to use this computer. Why this isn't in the profile settings or user account settings is beyond me.
  2. I'm not sure i'm being stupid here. So I apologise in advance. I am staying at a family members house for an extended period of time and I have brought my PC with me. I have created a second user account for someone else, But I can't find a way, apart from "When from sleeping" for windows to default to the logon screen. I want to be able to allow the family member to use my PC while I am not here, But I don't want them on my account (logged into socials and emails etc) But for some reason, on windows 10, I cannot find a way to set it to select user when I turn the PC on. It only ever log
  3. a cut cable is the same as just unplugging it, Just make sure it is "terminated" somehow with tape to stop it shorting.
  4. Interesting to know. I never thought of that. I could try and set him up an account using his mums number. That might be an option
  5. Hello everyone. What I'm looking for doesn't seem to really exist. Not here in the UK anyway (messenger for kids is unavailable) I'm looking for a simple messaging app, preferably with calling functionality (video would be a bonus) that my son who is 5 can use to contact me instead of having to rely on asking his mum. He's getting to the age where he wants to contact me himself. (me and his mother are seperated) And I can't really find anything decent to enable us to talk. He can read and write so even if its just text based, that would be fine. The cavea
  6. LTT has over 11.2 million subscribers. If just a miniscule fraction of that would have to donate just $1 each to enable them to purchase Spot. IMAGINE the content! Explained my reasoning in the fundraiser! Thanks! <Removed>
  7. Hello Everyone. I'm not sure how it is there in Canada, But have LMG considered using Amazon fullfilment for their merch? Here in the UK I know from personal experience, you can literally just ship a box of product to Amazon, set your pricing, and they deal with the fullfilment and customer service. Obviously keep LTT store too, but it could be another avenue?
  8. Hello everyone. Weird issue here. I've got alexa connected to a Samsung soundbar, it says connected, and seems to be functioning. As soon as I ask her to play something, she will speak. Through the soundbar, as intended, but as soon as the media plays, there is nothing. Silence. The dots around the house are connected through WiFi and continue to play as normal, the echo is silent, as soon as I then disconnect from the Samsung soundbar, the echo resumes playing the audio. What's weird, is she speaks through the soundbar, so I know it's connected correctly
  9. Hi guys, running to a weird issue. I have moonlight installed on my note 8 and it works flawlessly for streaming my games from home. The issue I've ran into, is fo some games I need middle click, however android is taking that input to mean I want to go to the home screen. And closes moonlight. Beyond frustrating. Any ideas? Can't seem to find anything in android settings except swapping left and right click (and sensitivity) and no app that I can find. Thanks in advance.
  10. Depends on the demand. But yes, they do generally re stock items.
  11. I remember a while ago on WAN show, that a virtual ticket for floatplane members was going to be a thing, and Linus mentioned that Luke was going to provide details? Has that been a thing? Is anything happening?
  12. I never thought of that! That seems the most likely culprit. Not enough Vram
  13. First thing i did was DDU, and ran the Intel Driver utility.