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  2. Hello! I have never posted anything unto this forum before, so please do excuse me if I marked or made a new topic incorrectly, however, I would appreciate some help. Something happened that has left me, and all of my tech friends, dumbfounded. After cleaning out my Windforce RTX2060S (this specific one for those interested: https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N206SWF2-8GD-rev-10#kf ) my temps in games are generally higher. This isn't the first time I've cleaned up my pc, neither the first time I cleaned this GPU out (had it since last year November), and my temps always dropped after cleaning it out from dust. This time, though, my GPU is running hotter, and the temps are fluctuating way too much. Before the cleanup, in Overwatch with my settings my temp capped out at 50°C, now after a full cleanup it's averaging 56°C, and even peaking at 65°C momentarily. I am aware that these temps aren't high and are fine for this GPU, however I am dumbfounded as to why it's suddenly running hotter after the cleanup. The shroud and fans haven't been taken off, both of the GPU fans are working correctly, and every system fan is running at normal speeds. I tried running my GPU fans at 100% for a short while, but after setting the speed back to auto, the temps returned to the higher than usual average. The GPU has always been handled with care, nothing has been knocked off, or anything of the sort. What has changed?
  3. If you are having a stroke call an ambulance.
  4. It's not racial slurs, dude anyone who said so are a wumao and a CCP shill. Go away pro-Chinese Communist party shill.
  5. He only has two choices really. Disable Optane and go with 1TB SSD instead of 1TB HDD. Or keep 1TB HDD and replace Optane with a much larger SSD that is verified to work with Lenovo laptop. But then he'll have to do caching through software means like PrimoCache or something because Optane runs via Intel RST that's built in and is directly supported. Regular SSD's are not. So that will set him back another 30 bucks for the software. But would be worth it. But I think going with 1TB SSD would be the best. Plus 1TB SSD's are quite affordable these days. He'll have to find certified one and disabling Optane would make sense then. Or just toss it all out, both Optane and HDD and stick in 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD. That would probably be the best route. Not necessarily the cheapest, but the best for sure.
  6. Hello guys, I have a simple question, I am installing a new windows server 2016 for VM Host, my question is, how recommendable is to create a raid 1 (2x240GB) on Regular SSD for OS booting? All VMs will be in a 6x480Gb SAS Raid 10. Thanks in advanced. Ezequiel
  7. i use lastpass on my pc & smartphone bitwarden is opensource - selfhosted keepass is also good but to much work for me tbh
  8. So the implication is that actual 3d audio might be possible. The implication is that there is post processing in the human brain that turns 2d audio into 3d by processing echoes and stuff. A 3d audio would replicate these fractional and tightly timed echoes to replicate things so exactly that a human brain would process it as 3d. Might be true. Seems unlikely to me, but it might be. Humans get a lot less information from their eyes than they think they do. The rest is post processing. A lot of stage magic relies on this fact. Fool the eye by working within the post processing areas. It also implies that it would be very very hard to do accurately. It would effectively be a reverse fooling. It seems there have been implementations that claimed to do this but did not do this in the past, and anecdotal evidence that it has successfully been done. The question is whether this Amos thing they are touting actually does it or not, which it seems is either unknown or very unlikely.
  9. Tan3l6

    AOC 24G2U Thoughts

    For the price it's between good and great. And it's the 24" 144Hz monitor that I'd use if I already haven't got AOC AG272FCX6
  10. It's the Chink communist party government's fault. They're trying to steal your computer.
  11. Most of electronics are made in China...
  12. ching chang chong, your profile pic looks like a chink so you're a retard CCP shill
  13. Thanks for moving me to the correct forum (I'm new around these parts) I have tried to reinstall my drivers on my GPU with no luck. This is the hardware I'm running if that makes things a little easier... CPU - Intel Core I7-7700K GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX1080TI Aorus 11GB SSD (Running my Operating system) - Kingston SSD A400 240 GB Operating System - Windows 10 Home RAM Installed - 16GB Using 2 Monitors, 1 @ 4K(Main Monitor) and the other @ 1080p (Sitting Portrait to the right(Second Screen)) Thanks for any future replies
  14. copper no but seriously its prop something custom maybe just google the name of the item you got this pcb from (e.q. your case) and try to look up replacement parts on some chinese site like alibaba?
  15. AFAIK, Corsair RMx and SuperFlower Leadex series are also available in whit. https://www.super-flower.com.tw/product.php?lang=en https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/Power-Supply-Units-Advanced/RMx-Series-White/p/CP-9020187-EU
  16. And you solve exactly nothing with that. You just move Digital2Analog conversion from console to a receiver or speaker. The audio itself is still the same crap without any positional information. We're not even talking audio quality like audiophiles do here. We're talking actual gaming audio. Boy the audio industry sure misinformed the masses well with their bullshit "gaming" sound systems that are nothing but "audiophile" devices with word "gaming" slapped on them and do literally nothing to make actual gaming audio quality better. Gaming audio quality is not (and should never be) measured in SNR or THD and other similar nonsense. It's measured in how accurately audio is projected to your ears and how that aids you in perceiving the virtual environment.
  17. And for that matter... even swapping out the 2.5" HDD with a 2.5" SATA SSD will give a good performance boost, but will semi-invalidate the Optane.
  18. PC Design Foundry. Made the doors today. Will start painting tomorrow. Nice clean cuts. Doors will have some extrusions screwed to the rear side to improve stiffness and flatness so the gaps will get better when done.
  19. Yeah ok but I don't have so much money to throw away Was asking for advice, not to be criticized for my stuff
  20. Made by chinks no surprise there. Does this have the corona virus?
  21. out of those only the acer is true 8 bit. the others are 6 bit + FRC
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