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  2. truckerlenny


    and plus that a AOC which im assuming is a chinese knock off from a read brand sorry i dont buy knock offs and the asus motherboard you sent me is a open box come on like seriously
  3. YoFavRussian

    Left-Handed Mice

    Me too, still write with my left though. Isn't it weird how you can train yourself to be dominant with one hand over the other?
  4. 20190520_192423.thumb.jpg.b2a61565013b7606e866e96bf8246a06.jpg


    Ok, I found a more appropriate device. 



    Fuck paying a premium for coiled cables, this is fucking easy. 

    And fuck you @Den-Fi!

  5. truckerlenny


    go to a canadian website like newegg.ca or amazon.ca not the .com version.
  6. Enderman

    best budget ssd?

    It does. You should have seen how horrible it was with kingston SSDs. HDD speeds or even worse after just a few years.
  7. Again, the problem isn't the early adopter aspect it's the way he words it through marketing that is misleading. If you simply say something just works then you are being vague and misleading. DLSS is part of the RTX crap and doesn't always just work. Secondly, it has problems and limitations that Nvidia downplays or outright ignores. Again! https://www.techpowerup.com/252550/nvidia-dlss-and-its-surprising-resolution-limitations
  8. SigmaDire


    yeah but i cant convert when a $220 monitor suddenly $340 fckin tariffs
  9. Also time for a short rant.


    I'm really tired of local restaurants which try to be 10 different things at once.


    For example quite a few around here are some combination of:

    • A middle eastern restaurant
    • A fish bar
    • A pizzeria
    • A burger joint
    • A fried chicken place

    It just doesn't make sense and is so inefficient. If i want a middle eastern restaurant then I'll go to one and if I want fish then I'll go to fish bar.....-_-



  10. Hello, I have my current monitor set set up to only one hdmi out coming from my graphics card into my first monitor... my second monitor only has vga and I’d like to use is if I buy a converter from vga to hdmi and put in my motherboard hdmi slot will it work?
  11. Breadpudding

    wd blue 500gb ssd help

    I believe you need to format the disk before you can use it. A trip to Disk Management should do the trick. If you need any help along the way, just remember that Google is your friend. You'd probably want to format the drive as NTFS(unless you have a really specific reason for not doing so).
  12. truckerlenny


    your talking usd im talkin canadian
  13. CGreene

    Retro Budget Build

    That’s totally awesome. I’ve often thought about doing this also!
  14. SigmaDire


    https://www.newegg.com/asus-rog-strix-x399-e-gaming/p/N82E16813119026R 20% off with the code making ti $200 USD which is $30 USD off what we pay for ur mobo and basically evening the prices I think, and I have an open box mobo from newegg, wasn't registered online so the full warranty applied, ASUS warranties pre bought parts from amazon warehouse I think this should be the same with a max warranty period penalty of a couple months which is great since this is a $320 USD mobo for under $200
  15. YoFavRussian

    [Unsolved] Constant white underscore, no bios

    It would appear this one supports something like you mentioned above, something to try maybe?
  16. People are stupid, therefore people expect it to just work with everything ignoring everything they know about adoption, new tech and what might have been actually stated before or after or displayed. I think it was because they never disclosed the 0.5 being slower more than anything. Stating "it just works" isn't the same thing however since technically every game can have RTX ability it relies on the developers (documentation is/was available to them before release afaik), next to Nvidia paying game makers to actually put it into their games they did their best to make it available. One can't expect Rockstar to turn around and make GTA V RTX compatible because it is one of the most played games, something with Valve and CS:GO. Everything for them to do so is available, but why are they not doing it? Market share, very reason why SLI was dead from the beginning, same with Physx. The demand is simply not there, however unlike those 2 technologies this one will go somewhere because it is built right into the gpu w/o needing a second. But for those games that do get ray tracing, ray tracing will technically just work on the users computer. Maybe address anger towards devs more than Nvidia?
  17. Oalei

    Retro Budget Build

    Looks pretty good for even PS 2 emulators.
  18. Let's go sue Nvidia for saying it just works! https://www.techpowerup.com/252550/nvidia-dlss-and-its-surprising-resolution-limitations
  19. snoopunit

    Led strip lights w/system power state?

    could I not wire the lights directly onto mobo PLED?
  20. SlimyPython

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    He was going to be an actor untill Bill Skarsgård took that job around 2017 or so
  21. truckerlenny


    same monitor in canada is 340
  22. Breadpudding

    Can one dude program a operating system?

    Technically I can make an operating system within a day. That doesn't mean it'll be a good operating system, just a usable one(maybe).
  23. truckerlenny


    i said curved
  24. Alright, thanks. I'll give it a go. I know higher speed ram is good for my Ryzen cpu.
  25. So let's go retroactively sue AMD for years of not having some arbitrary number of applications used by Average Joe that supported AMD 64 when it first launched. EDIT: Ah wait, nevermind, we still have Bulldozer to finish up.
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