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  2. M.Yurizaki

    OP PC's and how they are NOT a scam.

    Do you write your own OS too or do you just download it premade for you? I mean, it's not that hard if some kid in college could do it.
  3. Hey guys, I don’t really know what to do right know, and I thought you guys would know better then I would but here’s the deal, a pc my friend is building has a Rosewill Hive 750 Watt modular power supply, and a Gigabyte Z270P motherboard, and my issue is that the included Cpu power cable is a 4x4 that’s supposed to go into the mobo and an eight pin that’s supposed to go to the psu, ultimately the issue is that the 4x4 doesn’t fit the eight pin slot on the mobo, the eight pin side could fit the mobo, but then there aren’t any 4 pin slots on the psu. At this point I don’t really know what to do, do I need to find a new cpu power cable and can anyone help me find one? Or is a new power supply nessecary? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Yeah it's a bit weird considering the fact that RAM bought in Australia basically comes from the same factory as the RAM someone else could've bought in France. They come from the same place yet have different pricing.
  5. corrado33

    Memory is cheaper in Canada!

    Interesting, I wonder why the ram prices are so different for each country. If the trend continues, it's make sense that a country with a weaker currency would be able to buy memory cheaper than a country with a strong currency. CAD is worth less than USD which is worth less than a GBP.
  6. I renewed my Tunnelbear account just before the news (of course!) so I let it run out and cancelled the account before switching to PIA. At what would have been the next billing cycle... fresh charges from Tunnelbear. Checked the account, still active somehow, cancelled AGAIN and opened a ticket. Was told that they don't offer refunds but after a subsequent email (had to explain why I wanted to cancel) the staff checked and found that the account still hadn't cancelled, and offered the refund. Sure enough, money refunded to my card 5 days later. Thanks to the support staff! So I suppose this is a message to anyone who had a Tunnelbear account and who also does not check their credit card charges often - make sure it has actually cancelled billing.
  7. So you're pushing the CPU quite well (Davinci Resolve uses quite a bit of CPU power as far as I know) and it's using a stock cooler in an ITX case? Doesn't really surprise me that your CPU was hitting 93-94c. It's just the fact that your CPU is being pushed whenever you do that, therefore the CPU cooler needs to ramp up to actually cool the thing. My solution for this at the very least is to get a low profile cooler (Noctua L9i, Silverstone AR06 etc.), seeing as your PC was hitting 93-94c when being heavily utilised.
  8. corrado33

    Case fan setup

    Unfortunately if you put the case on the floor, the top fans are usually the ones you hear the loudest, so if your extra fan is slightly lower quality, you may hear it more than a fan on the bottom.
  9. Alex Atkin UK

    internet problem

    Thus is the nature of wireless. All it takes is one neighbor getting a new device or wireless of their own on a clashing channel to cause problems.
  10. Sydlexic Deity

    Case fan setup

    Cheers I'll give that a go
  11. campy

    Pc build for MMORPG

    It really depends on the game, 10-20 instances of runescape? any modern quadcore will handle it fine 10-20 instances of WoW and youre gonna need a more powerful PC browser based doesnt mean much since java applications can still run in a browser, and games like runescape 3 for example are actually fairly demanding that way
  12. Shubham kumar pandey

    How it could be possible

    yes bro i had checked 4 to 5 times
  13. Enderman

    How it could be possible

    Are you sure it is a 500GB HDD?
  14. Jurrunio

    The i5-8600k or the i5-8600

    K and overclock will be my recommendation, since the hyperthreaded i7 is sadly quite expensive
  15. HI Plz suggest me the affordable 27 inch monitor for cad/cam , i have been using solidworks
  16. Salv8 (sam)

    Forward a port on Telstra smart modem

    whats your minecraft config, set it to the IP of the system you are running it on (make sure its a static IP otherwise, both on the server and host system as it will stop working after a while since the router will lease the system with a new IP) and the port you want to use, double and triple check this! after that ask a friend to connect to the server from his network he should be able to... if not then your router may be blocking the game with it's firewall, i don't have a telstra router but a whitelist for allowing this should be somewhere in "Content Sharing", "Parental Control" or "Advanced" your computer may also be doing this, do into your computers firewall and find Java, allow it to receive and send out requests on both the "Private" and "Domain" options and it should allow it. you may have to do it to more java entry's, DON'T DO ANY OTHER ONES!!!!
  17. Shubham kumar pandey

    How it could be possible

    Yesterday,I got my hand on my friend PC(specs: Pentium E6300 ,2 GB RAM,500 GB seagate HDD) to clean format it and boot to windows 7 when I formatted while booting it shows me 711 GB(after format) space free space in the hardrive rather than 460 GB(before format) . I could not figure it out how it was happend .if any know about this should he tells me that is it a good or bad for the pc i later.
  18. tmurlis

    PC tripping breaker when playing game.

    It would as described above. When they throttled under less airflow they would have used less wattage. The new, if even slightly higher wattage could have been just enough to trip the breaker. As an example in my apartment, you can use the PC, kettle, toaster and microwave at the same time. Switch a 60 watt light bulb on? Pop. Everything off. Some heaters draw an insane wattage, the one in my room is 2000W
  19. Checksum

    Black screens/random rebooting

    Any updates? I have a similar issue
  20. DavidKalinowski

    OP PC's and how they are NOT a scam.

    if I was in china probably. ('m sure the guys working in that factory would be willing to sell me some ) maybe I should have used a generic android device as a comparison.
  21. Pcnuttie1337

    Need tips BIG time to fix a minor issue!

    Sticking with the single pin for GPU. Noted and fixed. As for the bios, I cannot boot into the system like usual. I press Delete after changing the usb ports. Nothing happened. I may see if I can find my old keyboard and see if something happens. If it doesn't happen then I need advice what to do next. Sabertooth z77 is my motherboard. I probably will have to freaking take off the thermal so I can take the battery out. Ugh!
  22. TrigrH

    New Pc Build for 500-600€

    an intel nuc with 8gb of ram and an SSD would probs do fine.
  23. corrado33

    Case fan setup

    When I did research for my case, I found the fan on the top of the case at the very back made more of a difference for CPU (AND GPU) temps than the bottom intake fan did. EDIT: The top backmost fan had a 2-3 degree C difference in CPU temp when going from 0% to 100%. The bottom intake fan only had a 0.5 degree difference. EDIT2: Under AIDA 64 cpu load + memory + cache + whatever the 4th one that's usually on is. EDIT3: So if I were you I'd put the extra fan up top as an exhaust.
  24. 1kv

    My first build

    It looks pretty clean. I'd just fix the cable management a bit lol.
  25. I ran my 8700K at stock speeds with the stock cooler from my i5 4690K for a few days before my AIO arrived. Wasn't the most quiet setup, but it worked. Cryorig C7 is great, or grab the H7 if you want a little more silence and better cooling. https://amzn.to/2UuPjXF
  26. Hi All, So got some new pieces this past black friday and been having a nightmare trying to get to get this to work last 10 days. I managed to put it together, get it to post and even get it to the bios screen, but when i try to install win10... it just freezes at the blue logo. I don't even get those spinning circles. I have taken apart and put back this setup multiple times to reseat, check for bent pins and stuff, and the same problem just keeps happening. Just the motherboard and cpu is new. All other pieces came from my previous build, working. Can anyone advise what the issue could be? Thanks. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant Type Item Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz 6-Core Processor $224.99 @ Amazon Canada Motherboard MSI - B350M GAMING PRO Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $89.99 @ PC-Canada Memory Kingston - HyperX Fury 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-2400 Memory $179.99 @ PC-Canada Storage Intel - 545s 256 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $79.99 @ Newegg Canada Video Card EVGA - GeForce GTX 950 2 GB SSC ACX 2.0 Video Card $90.00 Power Supply EVGA - BT 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $49.05 @ Vuugo Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total $714.01 Generated by PCPartPicker 2018-12-10 00:47 EST-0500
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