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  2. Reshade RTGI a.k.a SSRTGI is usually a hit or miss, mostly a hit for me. It make many older games or even newer game with crappy AO look less crappy/floaty. It does have some limitation like you cannot occlude them from UI or fog/particle effects, games with low polygons will look blotchy and it wont work with MSAA enabled. On plus side it got a lot of slider for you to adjust to your liking. eg: Warframe RTGI ON RTGI OFF RTGI Debug View Monster Hunter World RTGI On RTGI Off Lost ARK RTGI On RTGI Off
  3. I would go for it, as you said the 15mm fans aren't going to perform the same as 25mm ones would but push-pull should still help.
  4. Awww. Dang. Nope, no Tmobile.
  5. It sounds like you have issues about whom you are willing to buy from. I can’t help with those I’m afraid. For one I don’t know what they are. The thing is available mail order from lots of places.
  6. my brothers birthday is coming up and I was thinking of baking him a cake, so before I go scour the internet and dig through my grandmas old recipes, do you guys have any cake recipes you would recommend?

  7. he has the rights to decide for sure, but the timing of it. i'm all about optics, why wait until all these days and strike them the day he releases his own video? it's not like pitaka's video was just upload a week ago, i'm less concerned about if he's in the right or wrong. and i can speak for myself, i'm not saying he's guilty of copying their product like others, i'm saying he knows the case he's done is so much similar with pikata that he has to remove their video first, copyright strike them and then go on a stream saying his is different when in the first video he had said "i can't find anything that's good so i made one myself" knowing fully he already has reviewed pikata's case and had given positive review. i'm not going for he's guilty here, i'm more for bad optics. that's just me. couple this with the iphone give away scandal which is an who other issue, you can see why i can't take what he says at face value.
  8. Friends, I have sony sound system/home theater but it can connect only through HDMI port which is not there in my desktop...thats why searching a card that having HDMI port. Someone says go for graphics card, where some of the cards give video as well as audio support.
  9. I think I just threw up a little. 500 watts / 12 volts is 41 amps continuous output. yet it says 30 amps on the 12v line. I just threw up again. 30 * 12 is 360 watts. That's a 360 watt power supply. Threw up again. Toss that thing and buy something decent please. And don't ever bargain shop for a PSU again. Buy something quality.
  10. Hey sorry I am new at overclocking and Ryzen so I don't know a thing so I overclocked my ram to 16 16 16 36 3600mhz I know nothing about ram sub dimming so left that a lone then ran memory86 on it 8 times and it was fine so I tried this overclock on the 3900x at 4.2ghz at 1.25 on Ryzen master and it has been stable for round 30 mins is this good I am very unsure also does Ryzen master change the voltage to the cpu or is that only in the bios never done overclocking with cpu software before does it work like you software I will up loads some pic and if you have any suggestions I would love to here them this is with the stock cooler my new cooler is coming today and my motherboard is a msi creation x570 with a 5700xt
  11. They still use drum scanners? That’s some 1980’s tech. i don’t need resolution, clarity, or even f-stop really. All I want is clickbang. Anything else I can work with. is there such an animal these days? I went looking about 5 years ago but I couldn’t find it. The guy at the shop blamed it on autofocus. I could care about autofocus. I can focus a lens. If it’s blurry it’s my fault. I can even work with fixed focus. Just give me speed. He couldn’t do it.
  12. I used to have two 12 inch subs in my car and I miss the bass, so I have decided to look into getting a nice sound system for my PC as I currently have some cheap $30 speakers for it. I am new to setting up a higher end audio setup so I figured might as well get some advice before doing something I will regret if I mess up I have a x99 deluxe motherboard so my plan was to use a optical cable since it has a optical audio port why not use it: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NH11H38/?coliid=I1U6ZX70B41XNG&colid=3PXI2A0PIPQ2X&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it plugged into these speakers: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017E152K0/?coliid=I3QLK1Q1Y36GBC&colid=3PXI2A0PIPQ2X&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it and then add on this sub: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IE5MOUM/?coliid=I224WO45G5WRBD&colid=3PXI2A0PIPQ2X&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it the reviews seem good on these products, Is this a good setup? is it doable with the ports / cables provided? do I have to do anything special to add in the sub? am I wasting my money? (as long as the speakers and sub are each less than 1k I am okay)
  13. completely depends on the girl, can't lump everyone in together with the same likes/dislikes
  14. which translates to T-Mobile towers, so the other GSM carrier.
  15. 8GB RAM isnt enough for modern Titles.
  16. Good point. AT&T is one in mind. Mint is another
  17. What Cell Carrier does it need to work with? I know there's some netgears that work with AT&T, they're about the easiest to find stuff that works for, not sure about other US carriers having compatibility.
  18. that was a mistake


    cherry is bad tho

  19. I used startup disk creator in kde to write the vga .img, you will have to extract from bz2 first.
  20. 500D looks to nice to not use it, thank god I removed 98% of the leds from this build.


  21. Girls like confidence and honesty. You can be ripped AF, wear Rolex and drive Ferrari. But if you act like a teenager who is trying to talk to a girl for the first time, no girl will ever get attracted to you.
  22. What I meant was that in context with getting a product from china and putting your own brand on it for the purpose of reselling. On that note though, I just heard about auctions here in AUs where you can get the little 1000KVA geny's for $30 brand new. Apparently there are shipping containers full of them where the business has gone broke or didn't pay the proper import duties.
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