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Advice needed for new Home Theater setup




I am looking to purchase a new Home Theater system with a few requirements and I am having some issues with deciding and finding the most "bang-for-the-buck" setup.

My requirements are:

  • Dolby Atmos
  • >= 5.1.2
  • HDR
  • 4K Passthrough
  • CEC

One additional preference is no drilling in ceiling/wall for the Atmos speakers.


I will hook up my nVidia SHIELD to the AVR and the AVR will output to my (non-4K) LG TV.

Main media consumption will be through YouTube and PLEX, and for the future I am considering a PS4/XBONE.


I am comfortable with spending 600EUR +/- 100EUR for AVR + Speakers and I have found the following:


  • Onkyo TX NR676E - 379 EUR
  • Denon AVR X1500H - 399 EUR


  • Onkyo SKS HT588 - 319 EUR
    (Possible issue with the wattage?)


  • Onkyo HT-S5800 - 558 EUR (HT-R494 unfortunately does not support HDR, and therefore I am not convinced that this is a good deal)



Now I would like to hear from you if these are the setups which would be "best" for my requirements and maybe even preferences.

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I have now ordered the X1500H and HT588 since they were on discount on Amazon.

Waiting for delivery and will update with results upon arrival.

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The receiver is decent. How much did you pay for it? The speakers I know nothing about. It's Onkyo, so it might work out of the box, might last a year, who knows. I know they can't make boards for jack, not sure about their speakers. That's a solid receiver for $400, won't shake the house, but very good starter receiver. I'd look into Def Tech and see what their offerings are over there if they are running any sales. Also ELAC is running holiday sales as well. A bit bigger so if size is your issue, go Def Tech.

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