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Wanted some advice!

Hey team, so I'm just about to build my first gaming rig. I have everything I need but I'm a little bit concern about my case nzxt h500 and the airflow config I can do. I'm going for a i58600k wich I will oc later and a water cooling Aerocool project P7-L 280mm radiator , 3x aerocool rgb P7-F 12 Pro fans. I also have the 2 nzxt stock fans from the case, so yhe radiator plus an other 5 fans to spare .I was thinking like that:


Front radiator intake

2 fans up top and back top for exoust 

And maybe 2 on the psu grill for intake ?

It's hard to find something, I don't have any experience yet :( 

I was thinking that I can use the help from psu and pit it as exoust to? Any way I can use some ideas 

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dont bother with the fans on the PSU IMO, but if you feel like you want to wire 7 fans into your motherboard then knock yourself out i guess

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As far as my 1 min research goes, the h500 doesnt even have enaugh space for 7 fans, so just populate everything (except psu, they have their own fans).

for airflow just go top (it can do both) and back out with front as intake

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