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    I really like games, this is what got me into IT and now I‘ve got a place at a company to get my bachelor of Science the dual way(something special in germany :))
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    I am a student


  • CPU
    I9 9900k @5.0GHz w/ 1.26v
  • Motherboard
    MSI MEG Z390 ACE
  • RAM
    G.Skill trident z rgb 2x8g @3600mhz
  • GPU
    Palit gtx 1080 dual oc w/ raijintek morpheus II core edition and be quiet silent wings 3
  • Case
    Raijintek paean
  • Storage
    1x 250g samsung 970 evo and 2x 500g 860evo raid 0 for games
  • PSU
    EVGA 850 G3
  • Cooling
    EK monoblock for the MSI ACE Z390
    An EK 360 thick rad with 3 Corsair ML pro rgb fans
  • Keyboard
    logitech G915
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 wireless and powerplay mousepad
  • Sound
    Bose NC 700
  • Operating System
    Win 10 education

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  1. I never used xmp I always set frequencies manual. The weirdest thing is, that the crashes started after I had to clear the cmos.... It worked fine for 24hrs before that, with the usual timings and frequency
  2. Hello guys, So I've got two upgrades since this happened, the first one were two new nvme ssds and the other was an upgrade in ram, I added another 16gig kit, with tighter timings(the other one wasnt available anywhere). After fiddeling with M.2 genie in my boards bios, but nor getting it to work properly, I had to clear the cmos to get it back to booting. From this point on I experienced a lot of BSODs, which were only fixed by downclocking my RAM from 3500C16 to 3200C16. Fast forward to just 10 mins ago, I experienced a freeze, where the audio would still play / get transmitted fro
  3. Update 2: it seems like my ram just got way worse.... its booting 3200 now instead of 3500 with the same timings
  4. Update: it seems like ram is the issue but it was tested and is (was) running at 3500 C16-17-17
  5. Hello there, I'm in a mess, after I tried to raid two new installed nvme drives and experienced crashes with my third nvme drive (boot drive). I then disabled m.2 Genie and resorted back to a striped volumen in windows. It was at that point that G HUB didn't pick up any of my devices and I have to reinstall in order for G HUB to find them again. At the same time, windows started BSODs when I tried to boot with my OC enabled, I managed to boot and enable it when restarting again yesterday, however it didn't work today. The most annoying part is that G HUB won't find my damn stuff.
  6. fps is the frames per second your computer outputs to the display. The hz is the amount of pictures your display can show in one second. your monitor isn't glitching when you have less fps than hz, it might just not look as smooth as it would be able to.
  7. I did search for posts and some help, but I didn't find any so I thought that asking here was the right place to find my answeres. And here I got what I needed to know thank you guys
  8. It's a fullcover block, but if what you're saying is true, I think either the pump has a problem or the ek thick rad is too much lol but I'll test it later today Edit: I just remembered that my pump was never running at 50%, cause its vibratin quite bad, while doing so. It was running 30% then 70% then 100% and from 70 to 100, was verry little difference (to none), but from 30-40 to 70 there was a difference...
  9. if not for performance, there is no reason for me to upgrade then, I don't have the system running 24/7 and the corsair pump ain't even a year old. What about that rad upgrade, needed or unnecessary?
  10. I got a corsair D5 and I already tested and found out that I get about 5-10C better temps when I turn that pump to 100% on my cpu alone
  11. Hi watercooling people, I am looking into upgrading my gpu with either big navo or the new nvidia 3000 series. I already have a custom loop for my 9900k, which is currently hooked up to a ek 360 thick rad (60mm), so I was planning to integrate the new gpu into that loop. I'm currently planning to get another 240 ek rad (please tell me if this is too much) and now I am asking myself, if dual pumps in parallel or series are worth it.
  12. @Jumper118 Could I bother you to ask, on which page you are for R20 scores, cause I'm pretty sure I posted mine quite early... If I messed something up, I'll just add my scores here...
  13. I mean yea, but I want to do all my hand writing on that machine and because calculations are quite hard to do in word its a 2 in 1 I‘m after. But I have already spent my money, because I‘ve found a great easter deal on a zenbook flip 15
  14. I think linus did a video on a fully passive cooled pc once or twice, most of the time ces tho. For a cooling loop, I use an ek 360 thicc rad and corsair ml fans (wouldn‘t reccomend buying because of the horrendous price, just for rgb rad fans ) and my 9900k @5Ghz runs warm, but not hot for a 9900k plus its not really loud. I use an open case btw, so adding a sound dampening case might do the trick for an aircooled system