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Trouble with ASus ROG GL553v fan



i started having an issue with my Asus ROG GL553v about a month ago but i have had no success in fixing it.


Pretty much, the fan begins to spin much faster when the laptop is plugged in, even though the temperatures do not increase (an insane amount) when plugged in. While unplugged, and idle temperature is around 30-35°C with an RPM of around 2000. Now while plugged in the cpu idles at around 50°C and upwards of 5000 RPM.


I have sent an email to Asus but its been days with no response, and have tried changing the system cooling policy to passive while plugged in, and reinstalling windows entirely but nothing has come from that. I've built computers before, but I don't think im quite comfortable ripping into my laptop, but if it is just some thermal paste or a quick fix i would be willing to give it a shot.


The laptop is now 14 months old, which puts it outside of the 1 year warranty.


 Thanks for reading/helping :)

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