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Alienware 17 R3 17.3" support 120hz?


im getting a Alienware 17 R3 17.3"with a 980m and a 6820hk cpu.

really nice laptop it comes with a 4k monitor....i wna play games on it so 4k is abit of a overkill and i want to get a 120hz screen.

i found this....think it can fit?


it seem to fit the r4...

this is a r3. is there a difference?

(i know how to switch it just not if it supports)


cpu: TR 1920

mobo: asus prime x399-a

gpu: 3090 FE (yes bottle neck but got it under msrp cant cry about it in this times!)

ram: 32gb G.SKILL Trident Z 3200 c14

psu: Antec HCP1300w Platinum (overkill i know...got it for a good price)


thats all needed right?...i didnt study for this exam....


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