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  1. its about 30hrs and ill use it for mypc i just want the best wireless headset i can get for both gaming and music and all. im not in a need OF LIGHT SPEED LATANCY just notin as bad as my old blutooth headset on blutooth 4
  2. sorry for the delay those are the 1's i thinked about its bluetooth 5 so it should have low latancy right?
  3. So my poor 8 years old razer krakens died and i want new headsets I decided to get wireless this time i feel quilty got good enough and i don't mind spending allot. Thing is i want little to no latancy with the best quilty i can get for the times i go gaming not allot this days but still. Whats a good option? I know there is that 1 with the processor inside the headset linus once talked on is it good for that? If not whats a good option?
  4. im not gonna do my heavy lifting work on this laptop just get stuff done on the move. i know its stupid but i care less for PERFECT color acc and more for comfort. and from what i know a 144 hz monitor is nicer for that
  5. that IS true but its more viewing angles on IPS isnt it? actual quilty wise isnt TOOOO diffrent from what i know
  6. no need to explain got a 240hz monitor at home used to play allot of comp gaming so used to love this screen this days i use a 4k monitor for most work but i still got the 1080p 240hz running along side it. and i still love how smooth it is.
  7. from what id guess not allot. thats why i was thinking more on the 144hz ver. with teh 1660TI i still dont get what WAS the point of the 60hz monitor. again GREAT gpu and all and the cpu is amazing but WHY for the love of god is it 60hz....
  8. question is how bad is the diffrence? if were talking what 10% on the laptop side id guess? would 144hz be nicer to use?
  9. so i got my self a sweet ass deal on a 4800h laptop! im a 3d artist and wanted a laptop that can do it well. and found froma freind a great deal on a 4800h with a 2060 in it! preety sweet. 1 problem. its 60hz monitor....given IPS but its still just a 1080p monitor i CAN get a 144hz 1 but it will be a 1660TI. question is. is it even worth having a 144hz monitor in there? i dont play comp games might play some VR games MAYBE so i dont care...im thinking more about eyecare stuff that i heared 144hz is better. hell i got a 240hz monitor on my pc at home a
  10. u sure it is? nothin about it wtiren anywhere.
  11. 14TB is a over kill(and price) and again i dont care for speed as i REALLY will only pick files up from it sometimes like saved work and such so a load in and froget idea. also im not american if my broken ass english didnt show it allready so i cant even get the drive u sent me to start with. let alone 300$ i DONT NEED it that bad were talking about 150mb files not gonna fill up a 6tb drive in like 2 years..... https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Barracuda-Internal-3-5-Inch-ST6000DM003/dp/B075WX2TKM/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Seagate+Barracuda+6TB+256MB+Sat
  12. i mean......nas TYPE drives....like.......its writen NAS on them xDDD the physcal thing! like this https://www.amazon.com/Red-6TB-Internal-Hard-Drive/dp/B07MYL7KVK/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=nas+drives&qid=1592966184&sr=8-4 i felt i was clear with the..... "i know nas has anti vibration and all so they live longer and honestly i dont mind if its abit slow has again i would use it to store files like fbx files and such " but i guess i should have been more clear?... my bad.
  13. im a 3d modeler for a living. and honestly been running out of space on my pc. i really only need a place to put files on and i see allot of NAS hard-drives going for a nice price for great capacities! i know nas has anti vibration and all so they live longer and honestly i dont mind if its abit slow has again i would use it to store files like fbx files and such i more or less just click once to open. is that a good idea to get a nas? or is there a better option?
  14. What i said was i need a ups and was thinking what size of it i need then remembering that linus did a video with a 2990x...that has 32 cores and was about at 350w overclocked...then i said well if he uses 350 i must be good with a 650 ups....
  15. how.....is that connected to how much power is used................all i say is he got 32 cores i got 12.....and he reached like 350w....