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HELP! Adobe Premiere Pro and NUC8i7HVK Don't Mix!

So I have a NUC 8i7HVK which I bought to play games and be mobile and work on my video editing skills. Adobe premiere does not run on the nuc. I have the latest driver updates for graphics and such but when I run premiere it shows all the videos as black whether I use mercury or openCL. It has an 8809G i7 Processor and Vega M GH graphics and intel even advertised the nuc8 as running adobe premiere 42% faster than the previous nuc7 but the nuc8 can't even display the video previews. Help please!


Adobe told me to contact intel for support because adobe couldn't figure out the problem, sounds like a bad joke or a good segway to create a new linus tech tips video! 


Thanks for reading everyone! PS this is my first post. Woo!


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