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Best way to connect Xbox to my PC




I have two monitors. One 1440p main monitor and one slightly broken 1080p one. I bought an Xbox for RDR2 to play on and connected it to my 1440p monitor. To my expectations, the image isn't as sharp. After all, it's a stretched out 1080p signal. It does bother me a little bit, so I tried streaming my Xbox via the Windows Xbox app. If you've tried it yourself you know that it's not great video quality. 


The best way would be to connect the HDMI signal to my PC and have it show on OBS or smth like that so I can leave my headphone plugged in my PC and I can still use the PC inbetween. 


Is an HDMI game capture card the way to go? I've never used one and I have no idea how the quality is going to be. I'm not looking to record or stream any gameplay. Anyone got any tips or ideas? 

CPU: AMD 3800X GPU: GTX 1080 Ti RAM: (16GB) 2x Corsair 8gb DDR4 3200Mhz Drives: SanDisk 240GB SSD, Samsung 500GB SSD, WD 1TB HDD

Motherboard: MSI X470 Gaming pro plus PSU: Gigabyte 650 watt Monitor(s): 27 inch AOC 1440p

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