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Coolant separating

Ran Mayhem pastel blue for 2 years without issue, decided to go with the pastel purple.   That is when I noticed the issue in the picture at the bottom, separation.


Since I was staying within the same line of coolants, I only flushed with hot distilled water until everything was clear.  It was fine for a few weeks before I noticed what was happening.


Part of my issue may be the reservoir since both inlet and outlet are on bottom it is not pulling coolant down the tube, but this wasn't a issue with the blue.


Here is my cooling hardware


EK Supremacy block

EK 1070 Strix block

XSPC Photon 270 Res w/ D5 Pump  ( pump speed is 3 I believe )

Alphacool X Flow 420mm Radiator  


I don't know if I got a bad batch or if I didn't go far enough in the flushing department, but I need to fix this.  I'm willing to go away from the pastel and Mayhem's completely.


Can anyone recommend what I need to do to completely flush the system to get it ready for new coolant, I' m also not against going with distilled with whatever inhibitors/ dyes

are needed.  Would appreciate some direction guys/gals.



20181019_184427 (Medium).jpg

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1 hour ago, soupermonkey said:


The photon unit doesn't readily recirculate fluid in the top portion so it's not uncommon to see pastel fluids separate out slightly. I've seen this multiple times with those and have one myself which I switched out for one of those reasons, you can just gently rock the system to reincorporate the coloring. 


Ideally with pastel the loop should be torn down completely and taken apart for cleaning as the nanoparticles will find places to stick.

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