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Audio not coming through headphones

Atomic Charley

I followed this guide to send audio through to the headphones that I use for my PC from my PS4, and it worked. But I moved my PS4 to the living room to play on the big screen, and when I moved it back to sit next to my PC it stopped working. I'ved turned the PS4 on and off, I've turned my PC on and off, and my headphones (LucidSound LS40) as well. I've reconnected all the wires and messed about with my sound settings on my PC and PS4 and still no dice. Anyone got any help? I'm willing to change how I do it if someone has a better way that also doesn't add hiss - I've got a MG10XU that I can route sound through instead, but I'd have to wait for cables etc. to come, and I kind of want to play on my PS4


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Do the headphones work with anything other than your ps4 or pc?

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