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Bitlocked microSD


Hi all,


I've been using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for the past two years now and it was struck by the screen flicker.  I read about the Microsoft exchange program and got it swapped for a proper functioning device (yay!!)


Here come the nasty bit; before I sent the tablet away, I dumped all my data on the microSD and reset the Surface.  Once I got the new Surface, I try to plug the microSD back in, it won't show up; not in This PC, not in disk management, no error shows up on device manager, nothing!!


I first thought that the slot might be faulty, turns out it's all fine and can read memory cards from other sources (same company and size, Samsung Evo plus 64gb) but it simply refuses to read the one specific card.


I think it has something to do with the bitlocker security, but I am not sure.  I would like the help of the community to not let my precious memory card be wasted.


Thank you

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