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Hey guys its 2022 and you've just saved me $300 plus!


I have just built a brand new PC 2 days ago (I3 12th gen), only thing I didn't buy new was my Graphics card, its an AMD RX 570 8Gb. It worked fine in my last PC and for one day worked fine in my new PC build. Yesterday, the PC restarted after an update and I noticed the start screen resolution was low and blurry, and seconds later PC went black, fans went full speed and that was it. I checked everything thought one of my new components may have died, swapped my RAM, checked cables took graphics card out and back in etc, even booting into BIOS the PC would stay on for 20 seconds and then black screen and fans full speed. 


Nothing was hot...I bought a crappy 10£ graphics card from a neighbour to start fault finding and lo and behold PC worked fine! So my Graphics card was dead i thought, so last night ordered a 2060 for 275£ and a new bigger 600W (500) PSU for 30£ just in case, I couldn't afford it but cards are expensive!


This morning whilst waiting for AMazon to deliver new 2060, i found this post from 2018! I went and got my Rx 570, took off the heatsink and fans cleaned off the thermal paste which seemed fine, I had a new unused tube of Arctic paste I bought years ago anyway and never opened so squirted some on the GPU stuck it all back together etc re-installed it and its working fine now!!


As soon as the new stuff arrives from Amazon, I'll send it back for a refund!


Great tip, why no one else knows this Im amazed!



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