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  1. I want get that headset, but is it possible to turn of the rgb lights without keeping the GHUB on in the background all the time?
  2. I want a headphone which supports low latency audio for Gaming, and normal bluetooth connectivity for Content Consumption via mobile or any bluetooth device. Also, rectractable mic is a must. Looking normal is also a plus, nothing too gamer-iry. Given that, SteelSeries Arctis Pro seems like the best for it, I've seen a lot of people using it and it looks very sleek, although I have some questions. On the amazon page I can see two options for it, I can't quite understand the difference between them. It looks like the top one one has a DAC and it is wired. Why wou
  3. I checked, its Python 2.7.16. Do I need to uninstall py v2 and install v3 seperately or just install python 3?
  4. The script is to delete a ftp folder and anything in it, and remake it. The error I get it when I run the same script on my Rasperry Pi is: File "/home/Remake.py", line 6 ftp.delete(f"{path}/{name}") ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax But when I run it on Google Colab it works fine, the script is this: from ftplib import FTP def remove_ftp_dir(ftp, path): for (name, properties) in ftp.mlsd(path=path): if name in ['.', '..']: continue elif properties['type'] == 'file': ftp.delete(f"{path}/{name}") elif proper
  5. I installed this https://github.com/piscripts/pijarr, it's "a bash shell script to automate the setup and configuration of Jackett, Sonarr, Radarr, and Lidarr on a Raspberry Pi." Which works great, and I only wanted to test out if radarr/sonarr was good for me, turns out I dont really need it. So I want to uninstall all 4 of those, how would I do that? It installed some extra stuff, but I can probably remove unnesessary stuff with apt. I have access to ssh and vnc, those apps arent shown in the gui as they are added via script. I do have a backup point set bef
  6. I checked G633 isnt available in amazon.in, and buying from amazon.com may add additional import tax. How about the G733?
  7. Need a gaming headphone which can also double as a movie/music/online meeting headphone under 15000INR ($200). I was going for Logitech G733 Lightspeed ($208.61/15495INR) as it has detachable mic, but it doesn't have normal bluetooth option just has usb so I can't connect it to my phone. I think it's probably gonna be hard to find good+comfortable headphones with both bluetooth and low latency gaming option, so I would also like recommendations for just casual entertainment+online class headphones. Also please find results from amazon.in as prices are different in India.
  8. Thanks I found the 2nd answer to be useful, although it deletes the entire folder. So, I just used "ftp.mkd" command to make it again.
  9. I don't want to delete a specific file as you linked, I want to delete anything and all files or folders in the "Finished" folder recursively. I don't want to have to know all the filenames, what I want to do is equavalent to "Ctrl+A" then pressing "Delete".
  10. So I use colab to copy files from my FTP server to my drive using this code (i've import os os.chdir("/content/drive/Shareddrives/HAHSCollage/") !wget -c -m --ftp-user="username" --ftp-password="password" "ftp://cloudstorage.com/folder/subfolder/Finished/*" But I have to manually delete all files and folders from the "Finished" folder everytime after I'm done copying. So, I just need a code that deletes anything in the "Finished" folder, so I'll run it with the same above command. Thanks.
  11. As it's been 13 hrs with no answers, I just flashed the backup.img file to the sdcard using Win32DiskManager and it works as before.
  12. I have followed this video to the teeth, it has all commands listed on description and my nas was working fine till yestarday, after I installed ansible and uninstalled it. I have a 2TB HHD mounted to /PiNAS folder. The only difference from the video is this "PiNAS" shown in the sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf below. I have no idea what happened. I have tried restarting both samba and the pi multiple times, and also logged in with different users. Only once reboot of pi, was able to delete stuff for a few seconds, but then I coud'nt later. I don't know what inform
  13. If there's an Internet outage, I still want to use my wifi as its has a NAS connected. But my laptop (windows 10 home) keeps disconnecting it after a few mins, if it sees there's no internet, which stop any video or audio playback, repeatedly. Any solution?
  14. same, mine on average is also 5ms faster
  15. I see Cool My sd card is from sandisk, but I didn't buy it directly, I bought a pi package, and it came preinstalled with rasbian os, but I coudnt get it working, so I had to formatt it and install rasbian. I am always findind to install new stuff on the pi to make life easy, so installing and uninstalling isnt a good idea, so I'll stop doing that. Thanks again