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  1. Download the ISO file seperately, and use any other boot loader like Rufus or BalecherEher to make bootable usb, that way you have a backup and still get a bootable usb
  2. I want to access my Laptop from my Phone, to do quick tasks, but I don't want anyone, especially guests, prying on the screen when i'm not physically near my laptop. Which remote desktop app and/or display off app to use so that I can do that? If it was a monitor I would have turned it off, but I can't. If I manually turn screen off using the power button, it just turns on when I move the mouse virtually, and closing the lid freezes the laptop even tho I've set it to "do nothing". Thanks
  3. I am running "Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)". I am not sure how I would run any app at startup. I want to run "/usr/bin/qbitorrent" on startup, it only has gui interface tho but I mostly use the web ui. I tried putting "/usr/bin/qbitorrent" on sudo nano /etc/rc.local which didnt work.... And I use the Pi as a NAS. Thanks.
  4. I tried installing sudo apt install cpu-frequtils via this post but Pi coudn't find the package. I want to Limit the CPU frequency to reduce hear output, I added a large heatsink for passive cooling. But I also want to test out if reducing the frequency helps, because all im doing is uploading/downloading stuff from and to my External HDD attached to the Pi as I use it as a NAS. Thanks
  5. I'm thinking of buying this heat sink case from amazon but im not sure if it'll touch the cpu and actually cool it, or is it just a "heatsink design". I bought the pibox 2gb pi which already came with 3 small heatsinks but even so, my pi is reaching 85 degrees, thats toasty. I dont wanna slap a fan there, something passive would be nice. Thanks.
  6. Unfortunately, it doesn't. They removed the option to "Load/Save" option. I also tried using the command line, but it doesnt work as well...
  7. Every time I want to open my raspberry pi, I have to go through this screen. And when I open the pi, this window stays behind the entire time unless I close it. It unnecerally adds adds extra clicks. Thankfully it doesnt ask for pass or username as I've saved them. I was thinking, some lines could be addede to the "Target:" at the end of "....exe" in a shortcut properties on desktop? I'm not sure about the launch commands to make my pi open in one go. Help is appritieated. Thanks.
  8. You say "proprietary" so that isnt bluetooth or something else entirely? Also, won't a 5Ghz signal be better than a 2.4Ghz one? Cuz most often than not, mouse will be close to the pc, so distance wont matter, they also provide an extender.
  9. YES, I have tried going to Bluetooth settings and clicking "Add a Bluetooth or other device" but it doesnt work with my G304/5. It only connects if I attach the provided bluetooth dongle that came with the mouse. I just don't want to keep a tiny dongle around which I may loose. Even though I could put it in the mouse's dongle area, but it's a hassle to open and close the lid multiple times a day, daily. It also chips away the durability of the lid. There's always that one thing that a mouse can't do...
  10. Because I have this 2TB External HDD from Segate attached to it 12/7. Thats why I was asking, how much power does that consume while Idle? Idc when it's not idle, cuz work is being done so power doesnt matter. Also, I've had it for like 2 years now, never died on me. I used to keep it permanently plugged in my pc before making the nas, I'd hibernate my pc while idle for mins. My biggest issue is that I have 2 external hhds, 1TB and the 2TB one, and the Pi can't power both. HDDs makes beeping sounds if I plug both and doesnt show up on the os. Both seperately are fine.
  11. I am running a SAMBA SMB NAS, but as I don't want my hdd or pi running all the time, I want to put them to sleep and wake em up via local network. Is there any way to do so? My Router is connected to everything and runs all the time, so I can communicate to anydevice at anytime via phone/laptop/pc
  12. Yeah so I found one of the ways, set a ip, and reserved that ip in my router so no other device is assigned that ip. Problem solved it seems, I've restarted the router and pi multiple times to test it. Thanks! I guess, but I think my laptop's hdmi is only output not input, will check that later. For now I've installed a VNC server, withh which I can access the screen of pi remotely within my local network. (I could port forward to access via internet but not worth it, as it'll lag) Thanks everyone who helped me out, keep up the good work
  13. Your laptop's ethernet is not connected to any DHCP and has no sensible static IP, so you won't be able to use it. As Levent said, either configure static IPs in the same subnet on your raspi's and your laptops's ethernt. Additinally you would have to tell ssh to use the ethernet-jack instead of the wifi. Thing is I don't understand what does same subnet mean, is there a explanation link you can provide? I was hoping that I could just let the Router's DHCP decide an IP and just reserve it. So, how do I make a static ip of the RaspberryPi? I tried to do that, but for so
  14. thats the first thing I did, which didnt work thats why I connected directly to pc. I think I explained it wrong in the thread above
  15. I'll not use it that way, I'll use it as a nas and the RPI will be connected to the router. And the router will be connected to my pcs/phones. Does that work? (it did yestarday) I also did put a static ip on the sdcard before first boot which didnt work so used router assigned ip, I then followed another tutorial that told me to assign ip via terminal, which also didnt work so used router assigned ip. Everytime I used the RPI, it was connected to the router NOT directly to pc/laptop. I directly connected today cuz it isnt showing up on my router