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Can't transfer to My WD My Cloud since Windows reformat.


The title says it all, I can't transfer anything to my WD My Cloud since I reformated Windows. Everything I transfer to it blocks at 64,26kb then I get an error message. I get an error saying the transfer didn't work on WD's program and Filezilla says:

Error:    Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:    File transfer failed after transferring 65,536 bytes in 20 seconds


I am able to read from it but it is horribly slow, WD's page is also pretty slow. I keep getting these "Page Unresponsive" messages from my browser.

For some reason the drive doesn't show up when I try to map it either, I can see other computers on the network but the drive isn't listed.Untitled.png.fb38fee1ace866961c0fa1daeaf2801b.png2.png.90f20b3811be594a02aaeb6182965b2b.png


Thanks for the help in advance! :P

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