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4.2 Bluetooth headphones on 4.0 Smartphone ?


Hi everyone,


I wanted to try out a cheap wireless in-ears I found out online, but here's the deal:

I have an xperia Z2 with v4.0 bluetooth and the headphones are v4.2. Despite what Wiki/forums/people say,and the general consesus on connecting 4.0 with 4.2, the manufacturer of the headphones EXPLICITLY says that only v4.2 smartphones are supported. Why is that? Are they trying to get away from people asking  "will <x> work with...", or do you really need to have 4.2 on your device? (apart from some features,its just a firmware update so there shouldnt be theoretically any problems).


Should I just go for it? Or am I wasting money and effort into something not happening?

Insights appreciated.

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