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Change device name in Device Manager

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Just now, Ryan_Vickers said:



no? xD 

I made the topic yesterday and fell asleep

Ever bothered you that Windows does not recognize your device properly and instead just gives out in Device Manager something like


HID Complaint mouse


HID Keyboard device


Or worse, there's more than 1 and you can not differentiate as they all have that same name like this example below





Let's get to it


Step 1: Know which one is the right device


Right click on each device 

Hit disable

If it stops functioning you know you found the right one

You will need to re-navigate with your keyboard or mouse (depending on which device you disabled) to re-enable it again


Step 2: Finding the driver key


Right click on the device you just found

Go to Properties

Go to Details tab

Under Property drop down go to Driver key

Right click on the value that's been highlighted and click copy




Step 3: Regedit time

Fire up Registry Editor

(C:\Windows\regedit.exe or search regedit)




We need to get permission of it first


Right click on ENUM folder > Permissions


Press Advanced


On top you should see Owner: xxxxx


Press Change


Go through a series of confusing stuff that I put in a single image


Press Advanced after the Select User or Group box appears

Then we need to find it. Press Find Now.

Find your current username . Highlight it and hit OK.

When returning to Select User or Group box  you should see in the Enter the object name to select box your computer name slash your username

Hit OK again. Then keep hitting OK until you exit out of everything (except regedit duh).



Now, right click on ENUM folder and select Find...


Paste your recently copied Driver key


Hit OK. It should auto jump you to a folder.


Press Edit > New > String Value


Value name will be FriendlyName

Value data will be the name you wish to display




(if you can't do it and got an error you must have messed up somewhere during the process of giving access to the folder. I suggest looking up on how to give permission to regedit folder)


Hit OK.


Now go back to Device Manager


Press Scan for hardware changes on the top bar


And enjoy








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Just now, Ryan_Vickers said:



no? xD 

I made the topic yesterday and fell asleep

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It's been edited! (nice guide, might have used it when I had 2 identical monitors)

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