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  1. Huh, I have a 32 inch curved monitor and it works just fine for photo editing. Maybe I have low standards?
  2. I honestly have no idea why it's working again. I just reset my password a few times and it started working again. I wish I knew what I did to make it work!
  3. Other than the omnipresent cost of space travel, I'd say that making space travel safer for astronauts would be the biggest issue. In particular: Propulsion (so astronauts have to spend less time in transit in the harsh environment) Radiation shielding (to protect astronauts from the harsh environment) Reducing the negative effects of prolonged exposure to microgravity on the human body.
  4. Can we have an option called "Fonty McFontyface" and have the internet vote on it?
  5. Generally, dust on the front element isn't a huge issue. Dust in the rear element affects image quality a lot more.
  6. I have the Sigma 100-400mm. I quite like it. I'd rather have it over the Sony 70-200mm f4.
  7. I really don't share the optimism of "All labour is replaced by machines so humans will be free to do whatever we want." I see the vast majority of humanity being left behind because a lot of people subscribe to the mentality of "the world does not owe you a living. If you didn't work for it then you don't deserve it." You see glimpses of this in The Expanse where the masses live in poverty living on UBI while only a very small class of elites enjoy the fruit of the automation revolution. We see this mentality today in that businesses deliberately destroy perfectly good product that they can't
  8. So far as an ICE car goes, I already have it: a honda civic. Just got it actually, a used 2017 LX model. Something small, reliable, economical, fuel efficient, etc. I'm pretty easy to please that way.
  9. Probably not. CGP Grey did a great video on this. While the tech sector has created new jobs, his conclusion was that it didn't create more jobs than it destroyed. I don't hold out much hope for the future.
  10. Every time I try and log into my FB, it gives me: "Access Denied. You are not allowed to access this page at this time." The only way I can get in is by resetting my password, but the instant I log out I get that Access Denied thing again. I don't want to have to reset my password every single time I log in and I don't leave it signed in. I wouldn't mind so much, but I'm currently selling a bunch of stuff on Marketplace, so being able to get in a couple of times a day without major inconvenience is kind of important. Anyone else having this problem? Is this a bug?
  11. Nice. I was at Waterton Lakes NP last summer; it borders on your Glacier NP. Lovely area. I'm hopefully doing a 5 day trek to Mt. Assiniboine in June. I'll be bringing my A7rIII, Sony 24-105mm f4, and Tamron 17-28 2.8 for that one. Here's hoping we both get good weather!
  12. I use Firefox (auto cookie delete enabled and privacy settings set to Standard (Strict breaks too many websites) with Disconnect and Disable WebRTC extensions on Linux with a VPN. I'm a bit of a paranoid parrot, but I'm comfortable with this level of protection, and it's probably a bit overkill. Anything more than this would only be for people who would end up in prison or worse due to their browsing activities, like people in Iran, China, actual criminals, etc.
  13. When you say "Glacier National Park," do you mean the one in Canada or the one in the US?
  14. Ugh, and FB's ad-pushing is bad enough as it is. My feed is probably already 40% ads!
  15. You sheared the pedals off? HOW?! I hear you about cars. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad cyclists that give the rest of us a bad name. My theory is that cyclists in particular are singled out because most people during their day to day lives are motorists and pedestrians, so it's easy to point to the group you're not a part of as being particularly bad. I think motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, in general, are all pretty bad.
  16. Sounds like a good choice. I shot for years with a 24-105mm as my only lens. There were very few times I realistically needed wider or longer.
  17. If you're looking for a lens, I recommend: Sony 24-105mm f4 G (most expensive, but most versatile) Tamron or Sigma 28-70/75mm 2.8 (maybe pair with a Tamron 17-28mm 2.8) (a good option if you need faster glass) As for bodies, maybe go with the A7rIII instead of the A7III due to the A7III shutter issue. I rock an A7rIII and use it for hiking and landscapes. I really like it. I personally think the A7rIV is a bit overkill, but the real-time tracking would be useful if you're trying to shoot wildlife, which you're probably not doing a lot of if you're trying to keep size/weight down for h
  18. I always thought LOZ: Twilight Princess never got the love it deserved.
  19. Anthony seems kind of awkward and distracted in this video, like he's having to do a PC build at gunpoint.
  20. Linus' experiences with this crap are the ultimate indictment of the IOT philosophy. My friends are getting Nest thermostats and so on, but I staunchly refuse to get into the smart home / IOT thing. Between subscriptions, companies going under, tech no longer being supported, and stuff just not working, I'll keep my "dumb" home.
  21. Every other driver within a 100km radius exists for the sole purpose of annoying me.
  22. If you're going to post an unpopular opinion, you have to honour the ancient and sacred traditions.