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GPU damaged after overloading PSU?

What is the Problem?

My 3090 does not light up anymore when I start my PC and my Mainboard (X570-a pro) ist stuck at the VGA debug light. 


What was the lead up and moment of failure?

I was gaming 'Ready or not' at high settings, and after a while the Power shut off. Afterwards I tried to start my PC again, but the Mainboard EZ debug got stuck on VGA (NOTE: The first two times I tried to start my PC the GPU was at least lit up, after that it no longer lights up)


What do I suspect is the cause?: 

I think that my PSU had just given in to the demanding Current (I had a 700 Watt PSU, so pretty much underspeced, yes, my fault). 

However after changing it out for a 1000W PSU, the problem persists.  

However: I also noticed that the power connector of the GPU is a little loose, but not loose enough for me to believe that that is the sole cause. 


What did I try to resolve it?

As I mentioned I tried changing out the PSU, I tried reseating the GPU, Resetting the Bios by removing the CMOS battery (although I dont know how long it still has residual charge, so that might not have really happened), I borrowed the GPU of someone else (which worked, so that would further validate that the GPU is faulty). Next up is contacting the original owner, but my hopes are not high that there is warranty


What is my question?

Could an insufficient Power supply really kill a GPU? How does under charging even result in a dead gpu? 

Temps were all nominal (below 80°C) when I stress tested (I only ever stressed the GPU or CPU in isolation, never both at the same time). 

In case I have no warranty (it was bought second hand and it has been some weeks), is there a realistic way to repair it?


Please note

I am not a beginner and I have checked most of the obvious things to check. Though this doesn't mean I dont appreciate the help. 



Ryzen 9 5900x

RTX 3090

700W BeQuiet PSU (at the time the problem occured)

X570-A pro



Thanks for any help or condolences 🙂

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i dout that using a low watt psu can kill a gpu you will just get blue screens and crashes unless the psu kicked out. then that could cause damage but alot of good psu have good protections. what 3090?

i no the 3090 is vary power hungry at times reaching upwards of 450+ watts.

the 9 5900xsay tis about 105w so a 700 watt should be enough power i would think?

some times its hard to problem solving and can almost need to buy new parts of it and to test with.

I have dyslexia plz be kind to me. dont like my post dont read it or respond thx

also i edit post alot because you no why...

Thrasher_565 hub links build logs

Corsair Lian Li Bykski Barrow thermaltake nzxt aquacomputer 5v argb pin out guide + argb info

5v device to 12v mb header

Odds and Sods Argb Rgb Links


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For what its worth I was able to pull 650w at the wall with my  tuned 5900X and 3070Ti running F@H.


Good chance its fucked. 30 series has some mean transients.

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