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Random Crashes and restarts when gaming. I really need help.

Hello, i've been struggling with issues for a month already.

I built this PC last September and i can't say it has been a smooth ride.

First, i had random crashes when playing intensive games. Fortunately, this was my CPU overheating and it was easily fixable by changing to a new cooler (i was using the stock one)

Everything went great till last month when i started getting random crashes and restarts while gaming.
At that time, the PC would crash even when playing non intensive games. Having youtube on the background was enough to cause a BSOD.
I thought this was fixed by reinstalling drivers in safe mode using ddu, but yesterday i had a little bit of free time so i decided to play a couple of hours of Teamfight Tactics (a really non intensive game) and it crashed to desktop (Event ID 1002, Application Hang in event Viewer)
Today, i tried playing Crysis Remastered and it made my PC restart (without a BSOD) after just 15 minutes.

My PC specs are as follow:

Ryzen 5 7600
Nvidia RTX 4080 (Gigabyte Gaming OC)
ASROCK B650 PG Lightning Motherboard
G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo CL 30 @ 6000 mhz (2x16GB) RAM.

When i tried Crysis today i was expecting it to crash, so i was keeping an eye on temps at all times. They were as follow:

CPU temps
Average: 80° Celsius
Max: 88° Celsius

GPU temps:
Average: 60° Celsius
Max: 65° Celsius.

These are the 3 dump files i currently have:

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Try play with expo settings not sure if asrock has expo I and expo II setting but my nephew was going thru same thing, i just told him to switch to expo I and he's issues went away, anyway i suspect memory issues, expo is setting timings probably little to tight, doing a bios update in this case will also help.

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It generally looks like memory from the dump files. Memory doesn't have to mean RAM, but it's usually the main suspect. Windows puts low priority data from RAM into the page file and loads it back in when needed so storage can look like memory (And memory can look like storage). The memory controller is in the CPU and if this fails it will just look like memory.


You are on a fairly old BIOS version and I think it's a beta as well. All the version numbers are "1.28" as an example except for a few that are "1.11.AS03" as an example. All the ones with "AS" and a number at the end are listed as beta except for "1.24.AS02" which is the one you are on. So I think they just forgot the beta tag. Update the BIOS to version 2.10 as the first step. If it still crashes, remove the overclock on the RAM and try 5200MT/s or lower as 5200 is the highest AMD officially supports.


If it still crashes, use the machine normally with one stick at a time. Memory testers miss bad RAM too often with DDR4 and newer for my liking. 

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