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Are there two different quality builds of Lenovo LOQ with Ryzen 7 7840HS/RTX 4060?

A few months ago i bought a Lenovo LOQ with a Ryzen 7 7840HS and RTX 4060. But i had to send it back due to various reasons.


Now i ordered a new one, with the same specs.


But the feel of the keyboard is different.


The one i ordered before felt more robust and sturdier, this keyboard feels more plastic and springy/spongey.


I had seen a review video where the guy pressed with a couple of fingers on the keyboard and it flexed a bit, but when i tried the same it felt really sturdy and didn't seem to flex the slightest bit. I tried to do the same with this one and it absolutely has some flex to it.


These laptops have exactly the same specs, apart from the charger being slightly more powerful on one of them, and one having a 1TB SSD and the other a 512GB SSD. One has the model number 82XT0042MX and the other has the model number 82XT008JMX. 


Does anyone know if Lenovo has manufactured two different quality versions of this very same model with these specs, with one being built with a softer plastic and one being built with a harder plastic. Or am i imagining things?

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Often companies will rev designs still in production to address problems discovered during mass production or because of a shortage of parts or any of a myriad of reasons. Honest companies will change the model number when this happens which appears to be the case here

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