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3 digit manufacturer code for monitors - monitor detection script

Hi all, I work for a not-for-profit computer refurbishing project where we sometimes have to process 10+ monitors at a time. To help with the processing I wrote a BASH script that attempts to detect some of a connected monitors abilities, then it creates  a PDF on the desktop with Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, max Resolution, Inputs (only if the monitor supports ddc), and a barcode based on the manufacturer provided serial number. We then print the paper (cutting the sides to use for a scratchpad) and attach it to a monitor. The code is up on github at https://github.com/chaslinux/findmonitor


We have quite a few monitors, so I've been lucky enough to test a good range of monitors from different manufacturers. But we don't have monitors from every manufacturer. I reached out to some manufacturers. One actually responded right away, with the information I needed to include them, but others haven't responded. So I thought I'd reach out to the community to ask for your help figuring out the 3 digit code for some of the monitors I need to either double check, or don't have. Here are the manufacturers I'm still looking for information on:













I know there are a few other branded models not on my list, that are also not already in the script. I've just listed companies that already have a web page. If you happen to have a monitor from a company that's not in the script or my list, it would be helpful too.


I'm looking for the 3 digit manufacturer code, which you can get by typing:


xrandr --verbose | edid-decode | grep "Manufacturer"


into a terminal. I happen to have a BenQ monitor, so my result shows up as:


Manufacturer: BNQ


Feel free to email it to me at the address in the script, or I'll check here too. I'm sure at some point we'll have some of these monitors. I was surprised we didnt have a Gigabyte or MSI monitor, but a lot of what we see are business machines and monitors. Sceptre is already in the script, they actually responded back to me right away (a good sign if you need support I guess) with the code, but I want to double check with someone who actually has a sceptre monitor. MSI also responded within the same day, but indicated they didn't have a code. The AUO was provided by someone who said they had an inexpensive MSI monitor that might be manufactured by someone else. This was actually the case for the 3M monitor we have at the project.


Thanks for any and all help anyone here can provide.



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Just an FYI this will not work if your running Wayland.

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6 hours ago, 10leej said:

Just an FYI this will not work if your running Wayland.

True, for now our project is still running Xorg/Xubuntu 20.04/22.04, but I should start adding the equivalent tools for Wayland. If the next non-LTS defaults to Wayland in April that might happen sooner. Not ready to switch all our machines to Wayland yet.

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