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ASUS TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS will crash with GPU

Ok, so about a month ago I've got parts for my new build:


MOBO - Asus tuf gaming X670E-PLUS.

CPU - 7950x.

AIO - Corsair iCUE H150i.

RAM - Gskill Ripjaws S5 2x16GB (F5-6000J3040F16GX2-RS5K). Plugged in A2/B2 slots.

GPU - XFX 7900XTX. Plugged in with 3 separate pcie power cables (no daisychaining).

PSU - Corsair HX1000i.


Problem 1.

Right form the get go things seemed a bit weird - sometimes bios did not successfully boot with a VGA LED light being left on. This was happening 100% of the time during a cold boot - after the computer was off for at least a couple of hours. After a hard reset it would boot up fine. I've updated BIOS to the newest (as of writing this) 0821 version. That did not help. I've read online that fast boot might be causing the issue so I've turned it off in BIOS. It seemed to improve the chances of making it to Windows, but would still happen every now and again.


Problem 2.

The computer crashes both during load and just browsing the web. At first I thought this was only the GPU as the screen would go black (monitors show "no signal") and I could still hear the sound, but I also noticed that the keyboard stops responding as well (pressing num lock has no effect on the led light on the keyboard) so I assume something else crashes. This seems to be completely random - I've done stress tests on both the CPU and GPU for half an hour with no crash. The temps also looked ok - GPU max 63°C (83°C hotspot). CPU would go up to 90°C, which seems hot, but reading more on 7950x that seems normal. This crash would occur once or twice a day.


I did my best to ignore the problem, thinking that maybe newer drivers and/or BIOS would resolve the issues, but recently problem 2 became way worse. The computer crashes within the hour of every boot. So I've began ruling things out:

1. I've tried plugging in my old GPU from my last build (MSI Seahawk RTX 2080). It served me for the last 2.5 years. Issue remains. So I ruled out the GPU - I think it's unlikely that my old GPU went out of order at the same time I bought a new faulty GPU.

2. I've tried plugging in my old PSU (Seasonic Focus Plus 850W). Same story.

3. I've tried not running any DOCP profile on my RAM. I've tried switching the RAM sticks places. I've tried running each stick separately. Issue remains.


The only way I can make my computer run without crashing is with no GPU at all (been running the last ~8 hours with no issue). I can't think of any more things I could try as I don't have any other AM5 mobo/CPU or DDR5 RAM lying around.



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Is the GPU plugged straight into the motherboard or through a riser cable?

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Straight to the motherboard. With the 7900XTX I've also installed the z bracket to prevent sag.

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