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Hi i need help with my PC build

Budget (including currency): $852

Country: Poland

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: assetto corsa, GTA v etc

I want to play on a high graphics and 144hz is this build enough for my expectations or should i change something to get more efficient gaming i also don't wanna get over my $852 budget. I don't need modular power supply.



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Don't get 5500 , it's Zen 3/ Cezzanne (like the ones with integrated graphics), and with only 16 MB L3 cache. 

5600 and the others are Zen3 / Vermeer , with 32 MB L3 cache

The extra L3 cache would be noticeable in games.


The motherboard is meh, don't like it because there's no heatsinks on the CPU VRM, but the 5500/5600 consume so little power that you don't really need heatsinks.  It would suck if you'll want to upgrade at some point in the future to a more power hungry cpu (ex 5800x or 5900-something)


Get Ryzen  5600 or something better than 5600... also if you want to save some money or the 5600 seems too expensive, the stock cooler that comes with a 5600 can be used for a few months until you can get a proper cooler, if you think it's too noisy, or that you can't get it to boost or overclock (not like that motherboard can overclock a lot anyway)


5500 is 500 RON here, which works out to around 481 zl  , the 5600 is 759 RON or 730 zl  ... you have 115 zl in the cooler that you don't need to get (can always get later) 


You can get much better performance with an AMD alternative to 3060, maybe around 10-15% more performance for the same price. But it's only 8 GB Vram which may hurt performance in future games if you play at high resolutions (4K for example). If you go for high fps, you'd keep graphics quality lower anyway, so this lower vram would not be that much of an issue.

Local stores have RX 6650 XT at around 1719 RON (1630 zl) : https://www.pcgarage.ro/placi-video/xfx/radeon-rx-6650-xt-speedster-merc-308-black-8gb-gddr6-128-bit/


 ... It does around 10-15% better than RTX 3060, see charts comparing it to other cards : https://www.techpowerup.com/review/msi-radeon-rx-6650-xt-gaming-x/31.html


You could even use the computer in a cardboard box or something until you can afford to get the case, if the budget is super tight. Really the 5500 is a bad choice, really don't recommend getting it. 


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5600 is a lot more expensive i don't think i can get it

Rx is 1800zl not 1630

About the cooler wouldn't that be better than the stock? 


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I don't know what a lot more expensive means ... you don't say what stores you can buy from, how much etc etc 


You're in Poland, not in some back country, you could order from other places if the prices in your country suck. 

For example, the same card is sold by Amazon on the amazon.co.uk website for 326 pounds + shipping : https://www.amazon.co.uk/XFX-SPEEDSTER-MERC308-Graphics-RX-665X8TBDY/dp/B09ZFBPMR3/

An Asus model is listed at 330 pounds : https://www.amazon.co.uk/RX6650-GDDR6-PCIe4-Clock-Overclocked/dp/B09YYS5BNY/


Keep in mind the price includes the 20% VAT of UK, but when you add to basket it recalculates with your country VAT ... in my case, the price would be lower because Romania has only 19% VAT.  For you, it would probably be a bit more because you guys have 23% VAT

But it's just an example ... sometimes there's great deals, discounts, sometimes the prices are worse.

The shipping is 15 pounds for the XFX card, which sounds a lot , but if you order everything in one package, those 15 pounds can get spread over the cost of all products and it's not that much.


About the stock cooler.  The stock cooler is decent, it will keep the cpu cool enough and will even manage to boost as needed, it will just be more noisy than coolers with heat pipes and all that jazz, because the fan will have to spin a bit more to keep temperatures reasonable.. With the case closed, you probably wouldn't even notice it. 

But it's not like it's impossible to remove the stock cooler and install your own cooler a few months later.  It's not like you'd damage the cpu or get bad performance by using the stock cooler. 

Also, you don't really need to pay almost a third of the cost of a cooler on thermal paste - it's not a cpu that produces a lot of heat, and the paste will only improve thermals by maybe half a degree celsius or so... pointless. 

get some basic Arctic MX-4 , even Ceramique or MX-2 will be just as good and enough.  A 2g syringe of MX-4 is 20 ron here, that's around the same in your zlot 


I'd rather have the computer built in a cardboard box but with a 5600, instead of a 5500 ... that's how much I think it's important to go with a Vermeer series (with 32 MB cache) vs the older Cezanne with only 16 MB cache. It matters. 

Video card is probably the less often thing you change - you'll buy it to last you 3-5 years maybe more. 

CPU is also something people rarely upgrade by buying new cpus, often they buy cpu + motherboard

CPU you can get used from eBay and other places and are fairly safe purchases, only risk is getting cpus with broken pins but that's super rare, esp. if you buy from sellers with thousands of items sold, individual sellers with few items are scammers.


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