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HP Victus 16 - problems with dGPU/HP Optimus problem

Hi everybody, I hope I'm welcome!


Recently I purchased an HP Victus 16" laptop which is a low tier gaming/multimedia laptop, mostly for some light audio work (voiceovers, 8 tracks max with very light VST usage), basic photo video editing (1080p cutting and slicing at best)  and some 3D work for planning things around the house.


I don't know MUCH but I know that setup with a Ryzen 5600H, 16 gigs of DDR4 ram and an RTX 3050, while it won't break any records in benchmarking, it certainly should RUN many a modern software.


First problem I encountered when installing Adobe Lightroom Classic. Performance is terrible in a sense while loading photos and browsing though them is fine, moving a picture across the screen results in a terrible lag and stuttering which is completely gone when GPU is switched to run on internal GPU (adjustable to some degree in preferences).

I though that maybe it was something wrong with Lightroom until I tried to run Blender which I seem to be unable to even launch due to "my graphics card not supporting OpenGL 3.3" :laugh:

Then I tried to launch SketchUp 2021 which, guess what, resulted in same error message.


Something is screwed up in the HP or Nvidia's software in regards to which GPU is used for what. I browsed for solutions and saw "HP Optimus" mentioned on a lot of places, something about a piece of software which decides (because why should I do that? I'm just the owner of the laptop, why should i make any decisions) which GPU when to use depending on request, to extend battery life.

Something in that software combined with terrible support from HP or Nvidia results in my laptop performing terribly in Adobe Lightroom, worse than my 8 year old GTX 1050 powered PC config.

Furthermore, I tried running a PassMark benchmark test and DirectX 9 test resulted in avg 20 fps result. DirectX 10 averaged 4 (FOUR) FPS!!!

Something is terribly wrong, HP Support is of no help, Nvidia is of no help, somebody please help me make this damn laptop work, I know it's not a Mac or some fancy LED ridden Razer TV/Washing machine/VCR/Laptop combo, but it's still a fair piece of kit and I NEED it to do work.


Thank you in advance and best regards!


specs slika2.png

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