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Win 10 stuck at automatic boot repair screen

Paul R


I was cleaning my PC when I disconnected the boot SSD. After I was done when I tried to turn the PC on I was stuck at the windows loading screen with the dots stuck. I restarted the PC and then it got stuck at the same screen with preaping automatic repair stuck . I tried to enter the win recovery environment but I couldn't get it no matter what button or key I press (which I found online such as F2,F8,F11,F12 shift +f11 etc). I then tried a bootable USB but it also gets stuck at the same screen after I select it as a primary boot drive. I don't have a recovery drive created but even if create a recovery usb from another PC, how am I to get into the recovery environment if all the PC does is get stuck on the boot loader screen.


Please help.


Thank you.

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-= Topic moved to Troubleshooting =-


OP, boot without your drive(s) attached and see it will force it to boot to BIOS. 


Ill help best I can, but will only be available for about 30 min.


*Edit, sorry I am traveling I should have pointed that out. I was getting ready to leave on a 9hr drive [thus the limited time]. Still not yet home but I had a few to get on and add this from my hotel. 👍

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