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PC Monitors keep shutting off when launching certain games

Hello, I've been having an issue with my computer over the last couple months. It's been so few and far between that I haven't been bothered to look for a fix until now. For some reason when I try to boot certain games on my pc, the monitors will go off like I've turned off the computer, but I can still hear sounds from my headset whether it is game audio or people in a discord call even though they can't hear me back after it shuts off. Turning both monitors off and back on doesn't do anything. The only way to fix it is restarting my pc fully, which only lets me use it like normal until I try to relaunch certain games again. I've made sure all my updates are caught up (windows, AMD Radeon, the games themselves, etc.) as well as checking to verify that the game files aren't corrupted. The weird thing is that it only does it to certain games. About a month ago, it was doing this with MultiVersus, but after they released a patch on the first day, it stopped and worked fine since. As of recent it has been doing this with Gundam Evolutions. I can launch the game no problem but once it starts the tutorial, the shutoff happens. I tried all manner of games- League of legends, Cyberpunk, Elden Ring- all no problems with anything related to those, whether running in full-screen, windowed, or borderless. This leaves me to think it's something with certain games themselves. Any potential help would be greatly appreciated.


Also I feel it might be unnecessary but for anyone needing specs to aid:

CPU: AMD Radeon 7 2700x

GPU: AMD Radeon Rx480 8gb from MSI 

Ram: 16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro (4x4GB)


Motherboard: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX II

Storage: 1TB HD & 4TB HD

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