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Windows 8.1 can't install WS Apps on second drive

Meowth LVL255

This isn't a question or a help topic. This is a modern Windows appreciation post. I'm using a Windows 8.1 laptop (it's pretty crap) to do little tony bits of work because I have it so why not? So I wanted to see this thing chug itself to death if I installed a game on it, or be surprised that it could run anything, so I tried to install a game. The problem is that the SSD is 32GB and with all the updates and few programs I use, it has no more room. So F that idea. I looked up a way to utilize the 500GB HDD in it and slap the apps on that instead. Uhh, no.. F#$%# you. Not allowed. I'm so glad I own Windows 10/11 PCs. Is this really what we had to deal with back then? I've been using Windows since W95 and trying to play Endless Online at 5 FPS on an old NEC Merlin W95Plus. That was less frustrating than Windows 8.1 not having the basic function to switch storage devices for apps. Bad design? Maybe it was just a bad idea. Windows 11 might seem a little buggy, but at least a restart fixes most of those problems. A restart doesn't fix a bad idea.

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