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I get bad LOD issues with foliage, shadows, and certain models. Why?

I've seen some old threads talking about my issue, but solutions seem nowhere to be found. Basically, in some games shadows and foliage and random models will not load at a certain distance. I am aware of the fact that this is how games work however my issue is that it happens far worse for me than for my friends and older computers I have used. It gets to the point of ruining basically any bigger area games like battle royales and realistic shooters like Hell Let Loose or Enlisted. The shadows and trees/bushes are changing drastically when I aim at them or get closer to them. My friends all say it doesn't happen until much father distances but for me it happens at relatively closer distances and basically makes it impossible to focus because an enemy might be there or might not but the shadows getting removed/added when I aim and the trees/bushes changing quality like that is really making it hard to tell the differences and it distracts me. Also, sometimes I will see an enemy and shoot at them with my sniper only to realize they are behind a sandbag and that's why my shots aren't hitting them, so I can actually see people through certain things that I should not because the sandbags are not loading for me until I get wayyyy closer. I was legit trying to shoot a guy behind a sandbag not realizing he was behind anything, and my friend was spotting and was like "wtf are you shooting at there is nobody there you are shooting at a sandbag????" I was so confused so as I got closer the sandbag finally loaded in but if I walked back, it would disappear again even thought it was there the whole time for my friends. I understand in video games this is normal at far distances to help with performance as that is what an LOD is for, to change the quality of things the further away they are. But like I said it seems to happen at much closer distances for me for some reason. I thought it might be from my low VRAM on the GPU but even when it's not close to maxing out at all it still happens. Doesn't matter if I use max graphics and especially for render distance or if I use low graphics with all settings, switch the drive the game is on, change resolution, mess with NVIDIA Control Panel, change Windows Graphics settings (like turn Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling on/off), OC the GPU using Afterburner, tweak all the BIOS settings, make sure temps are good and below 80 degrees, etc. I could use some advice on if anyone here has found a possible answer/solution.


Monitor: Acer Nitro XV272U 27" 1440p 170Hz

Mobo: Gigabyte B450m-DS3H

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

GPU: Asus GTX 1060 3GB

RAM: HP 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz


HDD1: ST2000DX001-1CM164 2TB

HDD2: ST4000DM004-2CV104 4TB

PSU: 750W Thermaltake

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