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Replacement for my Dell S2415H


Hello everyone,

I currently run a Dell S2415H alongside my Dell xps 13 as a secondary screen and im looking to upgrade it or replace it. The reason for doing so is because im borrowing it, and at the moment the owner wants it back.

That being said Im using it more as a work screen (data sheets, data input; not related to creating media or photo/video edit) and for multimedia (TV show, movie) consumption. So I do NOT require all the bells and whistles that come with "gaming" monitors.

The screen im borrowing is a perfectly good screen, like im happy with it and more than happy to buy the same screen but I would prefer a cheaper/ or same price better option if available.

I have been scouring some of the references mentioned in the pinned post, but I would like the community's input as well.


Any monitors I should look at?

Thank you

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