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My First PC build... I would like your opinion!

Budget (including currency):   ~ $1000 USD


Hi this is my first time building a pc! I was not sure if I am making good decisions on my choices so far and wanted some feedback on whether this would be good. 


This is what I came up with. > https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4HHw78


I want to game at 1080p. I think I might be overdoing it on my PSU, since Pc Part Picker recommends ~300W.

The Corsair 4000D Mid tower case I found at $74.99 at my local best buy so I made the manual change of price on the website. Let me know about any changes I should make, I would really appreciate it! 

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Looks pretty okay to me 

Sk hynix makes good m.2 ssds although some can be found for cheaper 

Msi mech dual fan dosent have the best cooling solution but it would be fine for a 6600

Good price for that case 

Overpriced psu though 

Significantly better monitor specs wise for the same price

Minor gripe would be to go intel imo


Ever so slight changes

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Pretty solid system. I'd swap the RAM kit for something cheaper, RAM manufacturer doesn't really matter that much they all just use the same ICs anyway. Also, the 850W version of that PSU is the same price, I'd get that instead since it doesn't hurt to go overkill on the PSU and it lets you get a higher end upgrade in the future. 


Also, it's worth looking into getting an i5 12400F instead, it's the same performance but it's usually a little cheaper overall, plus it's on a newer socket that is confirmed to get another generation of CPUs. 



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Posted (edited)

Not bad, but I saw some ways you could get a little bit better bang for the buck with some relatively minor trade-offs. Have a look at this list I set up. It stretches the budget a bit, but I feel it's a pretty solid bang-for-the-buck build that leaves room for future upgrades if desired.


To explain, the board and PSU give you options for upgrades later, the SN570 M.2s are just about the best bang for the buck out there (although the SN750 / 770 / 850 are coming closer as prices drop), because while your M.2 should be fast, beyond 3,500 Mbps, you won't notice much of a difference unless your games rely heavily on storage. I also cut the size a bit to get you a larger, speedy 4TB HDD with 256MB cache. The 4000D Airflow case has better airflow for cooling, which you'll need for the 5600X, it can get a bit hot at full load. Upgraded cooler to something that should work with most future upgrades, and rounded out your cooling package.


Also, while I would normally fully agree with RONOTHAN##, in my experience, Ryzens can be quite fussy about RAM. There seem to be a lot of issues with crashing when paired with at least certain Corsair RAM as of late, and they seem to perform best with Crucial Ballistix. Both my 1700 and 5900X score above expected with Cinebench R23, both with the 2x16 DDR4-3200 CL16 Ballistix kit. Your 5600X supports up to DDR4-3200, which overclocks with DOCP from a stock 2666.


Last but not least, if its front panel is anything like the 4000X's, the 4000D Airflow likely has a separate cable for a 3.2 front panel USB, hence the board I recommended -- it has such a header. If it does not, then you could step the board down to the Asus TUF B550-PLUS, which is cheaper and does not have that header if not needed.


If budget is that tight, you could forego the 4TB WD Black HDD for now and bring it down to $1000, but I think you'll find that to be a lot better bang for the buck than nearly twice the price for 500GB more on your M.2. And those WD Black HDDs are plenty fast, I have a 6TB myself, with a 256MB cache.

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Due to the above, I've likely revised posts <30 min old, and do not think as you do.


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