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Best budget/mid-range soundbar without a dedicated subwoofer?

Hi all,


I've been looking at some soundbars to upgrade my TV experience. What do you guys think I should get at the $200 - $300 range?

I like bass, but I live in an apartment, so a dedicated subwoofer probably wouldn't make my neighbors too happy. I have an LG 55NANO82 TV if that makes some difference, I mainly use it for gaming, listening to music and watching movies.

My dad does have the LG soundbar for their fairly recent LG TV, probably one of the cheaper soundbar + subwoofer sets they sell, and on top of all the issues with WebOS updates just forgetting that the soundbar exists, the soundbar does not really have a ton of bass by itself, and it sounds very plain.


I was looking at the Yamaha SR-B20A since it has alright reviews and is in the price bracket, and it can be bought by itself without a subwoofer. I just have never actually owned any Yamaha stuff, so I have no clue are they that good. And while its not exactly small, but I'd assume bigger ones have a better channel seperation?

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Get a sub.  You can always adjust the bass on it so it won't overpower your neighbors.  But you will miss frequency response ranges if you don't have a low-end driver.


Yamaha makes some of the best stuff in the world.  Their acoustic engineers did the exhaust on the Lexus LFA--which is why it is widely touted as the best sounding car ever made.


If you want "distinct" channels, you should go for a dedicated surround setup--not a soundbar.  Nothing can substitute for the physical placement of a driver--especially in the rears.

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