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New motherboard help!

To understand exactly why I want a new motherboard, I have to tell you about my HP Envy.

It has a good CPU that I'd like to keep using, no reason to upgrade for me. (i7 10700). The motherboard is proprietary, and after monitoring my CPU and GPU temps earlier while gaming, I wasn't happy with what I saw and it's obvious that the "lesser" stock cooler that HP uses along with the non-consensual asphyxiation airflow of their case is causing this heat problem.

I'll be upgrading the RAM as well. 16GB is fine but I keep a ton of tabs open and various programs so I'll step up to 32 just to have some overhead while in-game.

Anyways, I'm not up to date with Intel CPUs, so I'll need help picking a chipset. I won't be overclocking but I want something with good NVMe support (2 slots or more), plenty of Type A USB, WiFi onboard, and addressable fan headers. I'm not sure if 10th gen is "too old" to support any of that so help would be appreciated.

Also, a case, RAM and a power supply will be part of this purchase. Please recommend reasonably priced boards. (USD $200 or less?)

I don't need RGB on the motherboard itself. Any size works for me except mini ITX. Thanks everyone.

~` please , don't let my whole life burn down `~

- why can't i just focus right now? -

; i'm tired ;

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