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Motherboard chirp/beep sound


Probably the 1000th coil whine thread this year, and I apologize if this is in the wrong thread.

Opened my workstation to check SATA port config while it was running, noticed this very quiet, subtle sound coming from the board. It's a very regular interval, a digital sound, not a something-stuck-in-fan sound (and if I turn off all fans it persists). It's this area of the motherboard in the video. Near the video card but the card didn't make this sound last time I put it in another system so I believe it's the motherboard. Never heard it before, but I've never had it open while running for a while.


I apologize, it's quite hard to hear but this is the best I can do.

It's near the RAM, NVME, PCIe slots, riser board connector (disconnected) and half the RAM banks. And the lower side of the CPU socket, with no CPU power delivery on it.

I assume it's the coils to the right of the CPU riser connector (the big one) and above the top 16x slot? I assume nothing to worry about since coil whine is harmless.

Relevant specs: HP z620 Workstation (board, PSU) 

Also, it's not a hard drive. If I unplug all 5 it's still there. 

I'm not a professional, just an enthusiast. I don't know everything.

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I hear it, it remind some of the sound a Casio watch makes when you press the buttons.



This might sound crazy and Wiley coyote-esque:

-App on phone:

spectroid (maps sound frequency)

-find where the peak is on the graph

-very slowly go inch by inch along where the sounds seems like it's coming from and look for that higher pitched beep's peak,



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Disclaimer haven't watched/listened to video. That said if it is coil whine, it's not uncommon for one machine to not produce it but another does. Many different variables on how/why coil whine happens. 

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Not coil. Transistors can also be heard sometimes, as current flows through the semiconductor it makes the surface resonate.

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