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Capture card problems - Glitched Passthrough and unable to record in 60fps in 1080p


Hi there hope you are well and that you could help me out here,
its been a while now that I have been trying to fix this on my own. 🙃

I am trying to get my new XR1 Lite capture card to work.
There are two problems
1) not able to get passthrough working
2) not able to get 60fps on 1080p (priority problem)
When I switch to my HDMI input (XR1 lite) instead of my DisplayPort that is connected directly to my computer all I can see is my wallpaper pixels being stretched extremely (see attachment) after a few seconds I get a monitor message saying (out of range)
I have used my DisplayPort input and launched OBS and there I can see a normal desktop picture of my XR1 input but...
I am only getting 30Hz on the XR1 lite and thus I am unable to get 60fps going for recording.
Could it be my monitor that is unable to work with the XR1? 
Its a G-sync monitor 175Hz (LG 38GL950G monitor)
Things I have tried
Changing HDMI cables
Updated the firmware to the latest for XR1
Made sure I have the latest GPU drivers installed
Made sure windows updates are all done
My PC specs
GPU: 2080 Ti
CPU: i7 5930K
Motherboard: x99 deluxe asus


Thanks for your time and help



Glitched HDMI input when connected to XR1 Lite (it looks like this is my wallpaper stretched completely)









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so I just bought new pair of HDMI 2.0 cables and still the same problem...

Can anybody help?

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