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Constant VGA boot light on x570 gaming plus

A few days ago I got a driver update for my 6700xt that installed upon shutdown of my system. Ever since then I've gotten constant VGA lights. I've tried everything from swapping ram and reseating every core component. I'm running a Ryzen 5 3600 with 32 GB of xpg d60 and a reference Rx 6700xt on an x570 gaming plus MSI board. I've confirmed the GPU and CPU are not the issues. I used a friend's 2060 to get into my PC and DDU the 6700 drivers which did work for 2 days although I still had much longer boot times than before and got a vga light on for quite awhile until boot. I have just tried installing a 5900x and I'm getting a constant VGA light once again. I've put my 3600 back in to see if it'll boot in case it's the new cpu that's messed up but the bios is on a revision that supports 5000 series cpus. Not sure what the problem could be. 


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If your X570 board supports 5xxx series CPUs, it will also work with 3xxx series CPUs on that same BIOS as they dont suffer from EEPROM size limitation B350 boards from 2017 suffered. By any chance do you have an aftermarket cooler?

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