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HDMI Switch Advice

Hi guys,


Having recently purchased a Sonos Arc, I'm in a bit of a pickle due to the lack of eARC on my old 2016 C series LG OLED.


Currently, I have my SkyQ mini box and PC connected to the 2 non-ARC inputs on my TV then the ARC enabled HMDI 2 port on the TV looped back to the Sonos. I also have a PS4 Pro and an LG UP970 but no spare HDMI inputs.


This works as good as it can, but of course I lose TrueHD + Atmos and DDplus + Atmos for all sources including TV apps.


Is there an HDMI switch / splitter  solution that anyone can recommend?


As far as I can tell, the usual multi-in / one out box isn't going to work as I'd connect the switches HDMI out the Sonos but no way to passthrough the TV as the Sonos only has a single HDMI port.


Any ideas?





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