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Help fixing Crackling noise on Motu m2 audio interface



I will try to keep it short and straight to the point:

0- I have contacted the Motu support for this and they are not helpful nor willing to do live chat/TeamViewer to attempt to solve this. screenshot for proof (ticket still open since 6/Aug/2021)

1- I had this issue for long time and my solution was always format the pc or reinstall the drivers to fix it but since august its not fixing the issue anymore. I put a video of how it sounds

2- basically my headphones are DT 990 Pro 250ohm , they work perfectly on any device ( my own pc, Asus MAximux X hero + my friend gaming pc forgot his mobo + my 12" macbook ) but with the motu m2 it gave me issues after few months and i solved it using #1 format/reinstall etc..

2.5-  I tried all sample rates and buffer sizes etc.. didn't solve it however it made the noise sound change and be more frequent or lets say more noises in 1 second 😄 !

3- since august i couldn't solve it that way so I tested the motu m2 on my Macbook 12" and my friends gaming pc and the same annoying sound is there which made me realize its a hardware issue in the "Old Motu M2"

4- I bought a new Motu M2 😄 and guess what ? its the same issue , its there.
I test it on Macbook 12" and my gaming PC Asus Maximus X hero.
only difference between this test and the old one its that I updated windows + bios of my gaming pc also updated my mac OS ofc. which should be the normal for most ppl right?

5- so now I know for sure its not Broken hardware Motu m2 and its not my Computer/motherboard. and formatting or reinstalling drivers don't help.
how to solve this ?

checked youtube etc.. nothing solved it, and even followed their instructions on their website https://motu.com/techsupport/technotes/troubleshooting-windows-audio

so only hope I still have its this forums

Capture2 ss to show their software don't report any issues in dignostics.

So guys any new ideas or tricks that I can try to fix this?

if it helps:
Seasonic prime 1000W/ hooked to a UPS APC and even did upgrade to new ups Triplite.(dont remember honestly if I tried without the ups but I doubt its the ups that is cozing all this and I dont want to use this pc without ups)
8700k Stock
mobo settings all stock except xmp ( and tried to reset to defaults didnt help)

Ps:+ even the psu was RX 850W corsair before I upgrade to 3080. so it cant be ups because I tried 2 and cant be psu because I tried 2. and cant be mobo because I tried 3 computers!



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30 minutes ago, rickeo said:

Have you tried any other headphones in the M2?

i dont have other headphones that is 1/4 inch plug. and it was working fine in the past then when this noise started to happen i used to format the pc and it solved it. but then even formatting the pc didnt work.

also new update , I installed the system extension on mac (which wasn't available before) now on my mac it sounds good. so am pretty sure its software issue because its still the same headphones on mac and the same headphones on windows used to work fine and even later dates when started to sound bad a format did solve it

or can be usb power delivery issue with updates/bios etc..
:/ dont know

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