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  1. Sorry for the late reply. The Yeti is a condenser mic and those are always gonna clip during exciting moments. No amount of EQ is going to fix a bad input from a microphone. Usually people solve this by adding a compressor, but frankly it'd be easier to switch to a dynamic microphone with more volume range.
  2. There's $20 bluetooth acoustic vibrators on Amazon which work along the same principle. Turns any decently solid but resonant object into a sound source. You'd be amazed at how many objects almost work great but sound like ass.
  3. If you want a passive knob, I've gotten good use out of this little doodad: https://www.amazon.com/Nobsound-Audio-Switcher-Headphone-Selector/dp/B0787X4J4V/ref=psdc_172546_t1_B07CQWTZGH They are available on Aliexpress iirc, if canadian amazon gives you a hassle
  4. You can't control the ARC audio via the PC either. @Eighjanis correct that changing the speaker volume is the right way to do it once output levels from all your devices are initially set.
  5. The Sony's are my go-to recommendation because they fold up nicely, sound pretty good, and have great noise cancelling. The Shure's have some pros and cons, but are a little more finnicky for just general consumer use. I'd only recommend them for someone hunting specific audiophile needs which doesn't sound like you. No personal experience with Jabra.
  6. Agreed, but you can purchase the dongles and adapters separately.
  7. For future reference, TurtleBeach has various usb and game console audio adapters with side-tone functionality. Also note that on "professional" devices like mixers, side-tone is often just known as monitoring. Some USB mics can play back computer audio and monitor the mic simultaniously https://old.reddit.com/r/letsplay/comments/7juh5b/blue_yeti_microphone_headphone_jack_questions/
  8. Try it! Just make sure to get it from a place with a good return policy in case it doesn't work out.
  9. Sorry if I missed this earlier in the thread... did you try the new headphones on the hyperx usb dongle/soundcard? I will always pick an external audio solution over a slot-in card. Just plain simpler to troubleshoot. Physical volume controls and ease of port access is nice too.
  10. Virtual surround sound only works for headphones....
  11. soundcard is completely bypassed by an external DAC