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Your experience while buying budget laptops online

So I am going to buy a budget laptop. I live in India, and I have seen a few laptops online (Flipkart, Amazon) 

My father insists me to buy one offline, so can you please share your experiences while buying laptop online

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I order it, pay for it, wait a couple days and boom it arrives at my door.


I mean it's just online shopping.


Better question would be here what laptop should I buy so you don't end up with a garbage pentium or celeron laptop :p.

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TLDR: Go to a store and check the keyboard, trackpad, display and build quality. Those aren't things you can check online. But unless they're offering lower price, go online. There's no problems with that.


Go to a store, and check the keyboard, trackpad and other stuff. That isn't something that can be checked online.

Usually stores in India do discount stuff if you go after them, so try that. Compare their and the price online, and buy from the one that offers for low.

And, as I've seen, Amazon and Flipkart do offer good prices.


As for experience, I have ordered like 4 laptops from Amazon at this point. One of which had the box's seals tampered. I didn't even bother to open it and see if the stuff inside was okay, I just placed a replacement request. Got a new one delivered the next day, and was perfect. 


PS: Indian stores also try to convince you by saying they offer warranty and shit, but that's of no use. Your manufacturer gives you warranty anyway. No real advantage to buy offline over online unless they offer a better price.

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