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HDD not working as expected


My system has the following Harddrive system

1x 500gb Pcie4.0 SSD (boot)

1x 1Tb Pcie3.0 SSD(programs)

1x 4Tb Sata HHD (data)


so as soon as i download anything or write anything(copy from an external ssd) to the hhd - the hhd reaches 100% utilization and hangs up the entire system , It also sometimes just drops all working programs and make them unresponsive .

While monitoring using Task manager i have also seen that the C drive is also not reported in task manager  

I am attaching the snapshots to make my doubt clearer

1)HDD at 100%





















2)C(boot) and D(hhd) drives not being reported in taskmanager





















3)Additional observations

a)files /games stored in D drive become unresponsive 



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look in the SMART of all drives with crystaldiskinfo for CRC errors. 
paste screenshot here.  

DISK 0 and 2 are both on 100% 

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