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  • Birthday Feb 10, 1998

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    PC tech , Engg , Science ,Comics and POKEMON GO
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    i love to blog my mind and tech out at : https://techtesh.blogspot.in/
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    student and blogger


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    i7 6700k
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    asus maximus 8 hero alpha
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    GSKILL RIPJAWSV 16GB(2x8gb at 3000mhz)
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    CORSAIR 780T
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    seagate barracuda 2tb+samsung evo 850 250gb
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    viewsonic vx2880sml-4k
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    corsair h110igtx
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    Steelseries apex64145
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    Logitech G502
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    steelseries siberia 350
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    WIN 10 home -64GB
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  1. I have been looking to buy a laptop for some time And have widdled down to 2 Asus tuf f15 Lenovo Ideapad gaming 3
  2. 240 gb is an old dram less version (sata) And the new 960 gb is nvme.. And the old ssd has like 10 gb of free space
  3. I am upgrading my os drive from 240gb to 1 tb and I want to clone the drive as is (due to all the libraries and dependencies setup) Usually this also clones all the partitions so how do I keep the full 960gb and clone the entire c drive
  4. They literally posted pics and videos of them doing it and explaing the vulnerablilities
  5. I am not an american citizen but this is huge https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/283257640#p283257640 As some kazakistani anon posted on page 2 feom publically available data he was able to create a bot that cancelled 200 votes in Washington I tried to post on reddit as well.. But reddit does not accepts 'malicious links' If someone can forward this to election commission or their representatives it would be huge Also: some people are saying california, new jersey and oregon are using a similar system..although i would love to see the memes of California turn
  6. I don't think I would be able to recreate those temps in hot and humid Mumbai anyways
  7. All voltages are set on auto And my temps reach 80c During Intel burn test
  8. I am currently using the wraith spire that I got alongside the processor And i have hit a hard wall of 3.7 ghz Mother board: B350 tomohawk Ram :3600 CL 16 corsair vengeance rgb What can I do any help is appreciated
  9. I upgraded from a 3770k to a 1700x on Msi B350 tomahawk and I kept my old gpu (zotac 1070) Upon first post the system was working fine then It crashed while I was using it and now I am getting neither any post nor any errors (on the inbuilt leds) The fans and rgb are working fine
  10. 1600af is unavailable my total upgrade budget is INR 30K 1700 is INR 10k 2600 is INR 11k 3600 is about INR 18K..so i would have to skimp on motherboard and Ram pretty hard getting an B450 motherboard and might upgrade to r7 4700/r5 4600 next year
  11. both are currently available at almost the same price for me upgrading from i7 3770k most played games: civ 5 /6 witcher 3 fortnite weapons forge citra emulator for 3ds games likely to play in future cyberpunk 2077 other important usecases anaconda library for python and IP with kite AutoCad Eagle PCB design Arduino simulink hit Film Express and OBS
  12. The price difference in india is staggering X570 UD is inr 14k (abt iusd 180) Followed by x570 elite that is inr 19k (abt usd 260) Ive been told Asrock phantom 4 would be available in q3, but thats not confirmed
  13. already have r5 1600 (on gigabyte b350ds3h) thinking to upgrade motherboard to x570 UD also planning to upgrade cpu to 3950x by end of year of 4950x next year just in case this is my current ram setup cpu cooler h110i gpu 1070ti