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    PC tech , Engg , Science ,Comics and POKEMON GO
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    i love to blog my mind and tech out at : https://techtesh.blogspot.in/
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    student and blogger


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    i7 6700k
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    asus maximus 8 hero alpha
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    GSKILL RIPJAWSV 16GB(2x8gb at 3000mhz)
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    CORSAIR 780T
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    seagate barracuda 2tb+samsung evo 850 250gb
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    viewsonic vx2880sml-4k
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    corsair h110igtx
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    Steelseries apex64145
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    Logitech G502
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    steelseries siberia 350
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    WIN 10 home -64GB
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  1. My system has the following Harddrive system 1x 500gb Pcie4.0 SSD (boot) 1x 1Tb Pcie3.0 SSD(programs) 1x 4Tb Sata HHD (data) so as soon as i download anything or write anything(copy from an external ssd) to the hhd - the hhd reaches 100% utilization and hangs up the entire system , It also sometimes just drops all working programs and make them unresponsive . While monitoring using Task manager i have also seen that the C drive is also not reported in task manager I am attaching the snapshots to make my doubt clearer 1)HDD at 100%
  2. Yeah turns out my psu had a defective sata slot (tough power 850) and that killed 2x hdds and 1 x ssd And 1x lian li strimer controller Since the PSU and strimer were in warranty I am getting them replaced (psu I am switching to mwe 850), yet it hurts losing data
  3. Its not being detected in bios and i am not seeing it ramp up or start sipping on boot up
  4. so i moved my hdd from an old pc to a new one , and not only is it not being detected its getting hot to the touch ,everything else is working fine in the system
  5. outer vision seems pretty independent to me, i can get seasonic over estimating (hell it was recommending me a 1000w psu)
  6. I put my config in seasonic psu calculator and got 700w Even outer vision is saying 682w, recommended 850w
  7. Would a 550w suffice.. For a 2070/3700x setup
  8. Local shop, the next cheapest 750w fully modular psu is corsair cx750 and gigabyte p750m
  9. Is this power supply good enough for a r7 1700/2070 system And as I am planning to upgrade to a 3700x soon.. Should I go for the 850 version I. E deepcool dq850m v2 I saw a tom's hardware review placing it a solid budget choice
  10. using hw info as well as in system manager i can see 16+8+16+8, the same is also reflected in bios
  11. i have tried resetting it via sys config and register edit , is there any other option ?
  12. it dosent the difference is like USD 9 is it possible to "downclock" the 3200mhz kit to 3000mhz and get a 4x16gb kit
  13. so here's the background i bought 2x16gb -3000mhz Corsair vengeance pro when i initially made my system : the other relevant specs are 3000 mhz at 14-15-15-17 and right now the same speed is not available , should i go ahead with a 3200mhz kit or a 3600mhz kit instead or should i match speeds with a 2x8gb kit instead CPU :ryzen 7 3700x motherboard :msi b550 tomahawk
  14. so i am upgrading my build part by part current specs :1070ti + r71700 +b350 tomahawk and the first part i got a good deal on is a motherboard namely x570 steel legend , but the said is not mentioned on asrocks support list ..so should i go ahead or would it be too great a risk (buying the motherboard used from local classifieds)