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Cheap mic that wont pick up other people in room?


Hey guys I play games with my fiancé and friends sometimes but the problem is anytime i talk I and my friends hear me through my mic and hers, it doesnt happen the other way around because i have a stand alone mic thats mounted and close to my face. problem is i cant mount one for her because she likes to sit on the bed. She already has a great pair of earphones we just need a mic what would be best? I was thinking possibly a yeti snowball because it has dircitional recording but it would be sitting next to her and I don't know if that would work, or maybe a clip on your shirt mic.



(I have adjusted setting with the current mic and at best im only heard half of the time she is about 10 ft from me)

(The mic she has right now is a cheap 30$ gaming headset i have an awesome 150$ senhizer headphone for her to use but they have no mic and ide rather not spend another 150 for a gaming headset with a decent mic)

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