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  1. I have quite a few questions so I was trying to avoid making like 20 posts and typing a lot of words
  2. Hey guys do you know a place a could call that could offer support for setting up a nas? I have a multitude of fairly simple questions and I was hoping to talk with someone to figure it all out is there a cheap or free resource for this? Thanks for any help!
  3. So im looking here https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/workstations-isv-certified/precision-5820-desktop-workstation/spd/precision-5820-workstation and they dont seem to have any good cards they work with primarily Quadro cards or no card at all do you guys know one you would recommend by dell that has like a card similar to say a 1080 or 1070
  4. I agree i typically build systems for my friends, but he wants a pre-built out of concern for issues, i tried to assure him it would be fine, but he wants a pre-built regardless.
  5. Hey guys its been a while sense i have bought a Pre-built computer so i don't know whats best anymore. Im helping a friend find a computer. his budget is 1200 it can be a little over if needed. Parts i know he wants are a 256GB SSD and at least 1TB hard drive, an I7 9th gen or Ryzen equivalent, 16GB Ram, and a beefy GPU. Just an overall nice build for the price. Main uses will be CAD/Blender 3D renders, all adobe products, video watching in 4k, etc. I know its overkill for those tasks but that the goal. Thanks for any help!
  6. ya i just said that amount that's just what their current computers have. So far they havent given me a budget they just said get what you need so i was going to pitch some diffent builds to get their thoughts. thanks for the help btw!
  7. Hey, guys, i recently got a job at a manufacturing company and they needed someone to make realistic outdoor renders so i stepped into the position. They want me to tell them what parts i want in my computer. there is no real budget just that it can run everything i need to do. I primarily use Blender, there will be some use of maya, nuke, and possibly hoodini. I am going to work with very large files (often times like 5-10 GB CAD files). I was thinking something like 2x 1080 ti, around 95 GB of ram, and like a 22 or more core processor. any suggestions for a studio quality computer for runing
  8. If there's not a stylish mask that prevents sickness so you don't come off as weird the first guy to make it will be rich
  9. I just want one for when I'm sick or those around me are too help not spread or get colds/flus/etc
  10. Well the thing is the whole reason I wanted one of those masks was the look because people tend to get uncomfortable when you use a surgical mask that and they never seem to cover my face correctly is there any way to achieve the surgical mask safety withe the look and color of the pitta mask, maybe a cotton mask with a filter?
  11. Is there a fabric I could make something like this out of that would block gems?
  12. Hey guys while I was in Japan I saw people wearing these cool stylized surgical masks and I wanted to get some for when I get sick but every where I look I can't find them and when I do it's like 30 bucks for 5 does anyone know a cheap place to get them? Thanks for any help! (image below doesn't have to be exact but similar is best) I live in the usa
  13. Hey guys, I want to get a good school laptop that my fiance can draw on to take notes for school but I don't know the best options I was going to get her the surface pro but I'd rather not drop 1k on the purchase I would feel more comfortable around 500 I saw the surface go but at 500 the specs are not good and it doesn't come with accessories. I also don't want to have the cheap laptop issue where the thing can barley handle chrome or it can boot up well. So I'm thinking like at lest a duo core cpu with 4-8 gb of ram anyone got any suggestions? Thanks so much! Edit: also being th
  14. i less so have a budget and more so am evaluating the potential of developing on app. So finding out what features have a high cost and which don't is my main priority. Then i want to lay out the ground work for the app with the limited amount of coding knowledge i have by first designing a mock up and then coding what i can to make it as cost effective as i can (so like for example if storing images is expensive then i can alter the idea) i'm hoping to achieve this in $10,000 which my be impossible but that's what i'm trying to find out now. The most useful things i am looking for now are thi
  15. Hey guys, i want to create an app for both android and IOS and i had a few questions. One, if i want to test out ideas i there a place to make a test version without code, like the apps just take you to a different picture type thing so you can test the look. Two where to i find people to create apps on a budget i want to make a fairly basic app but it will involve things like profile login, storing images/ data on a server which i have no idea to do so ide like to have someone to develop it for me anyone know places to find developers for small projects? Thanks for any help guys!
  16. Hey guys so I've decided I'm going to build this https://gyazo.com/0dc58ec8f2ffcd373e506cc6a2bd8f33 It's an earring But I don't know how to find the parts or trust with worthy places to buy the stones anyone know good resources? The stones and opal and topaz. Thanks! Also if you know the names of the parts to help me search ide appreciate it!
  17. Hey, guys so I made a render of earrings I want to get for my fiance but whenever I go for a quote I get given prices in the ranges of 400 to 800 the stones I want to do are opal (the light green) and topaz (the blue). and in terms of the metal, I'm thinking white gold, but I'm fine with sterling silver however I hear is breaks over time, but if it's cheaper to replace the metal rather than get gold then ide go that route. Do you guys have any ideas to get these cheaper? I thought i might just find somewhere that sold parts and Sauder it myself, or maybe there is an online retailer, thanks for
  18. hey guys i'm starting a small business and want a good hosting service. What have you guys found to be best?
  19. how would i find out if its against the anti-cheat and how would i find the command?
  20. its classic wow and i want to be able to play the game in the morning and if i log in in the morning the que lasts untill the afternoon so im hoping to join the server early so the que will pass while im asleep
  21. i want it to join a server within the game and all i have to do is click a button to join the server
  22. i want to play a game and have it ready when i wake up and setting a clicker to open will allow it to open and be ready for me to play when i get instead of having to wait.
  23. Hey guys i want to set my mouse to click at a certain time of day (say click once at 5 in the morning) is there a simple way to do this?
  24. Thanks for the help guys, does anyone know how blender guru did it in his video? when he did it it just worked without used any alterations why is mine behaving differently i followed all this steps in his video, do i have different settings because its 2.8