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    New comer to building computers. looking for some help. ;).

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  1. Thanks so much for the tips and help! so i downloaded firefox set setting to allow cookies ( https://gyazo.com/f4b6fc0b5788cde2fac9901a1255581f ) then clicked the shield and turned enhansed tracking protection off for both reddit and gfycat. I went back to https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/ and im still having the issue if you go to that site the first gif (Cleared for takeoff) wont load without being clicked and loads fine on my phone.
  2. Hey guys when I'm on the reddit app I see all videos/gifs playing as I scroll past them so I can quickly view and scroll, however I've noticed a lot of gifs/videos on my computer require you to click and load them its really annoying. is there a way to make them just auto play like the app, I have the setting enabled in my profile. Thanks for any help (Im using chrome) Video of what I mean: https://gyazo.com/f183806c47b5a8c07a605eb29b9a3c77
  3. Hey, guys, I have a cheap ONN Bluetooth speaker (link below) and even while plugged in it turns itself off after 20ish mins of no use. Is there a way to prevent this? I'm learning a language by playing the language through the speaker and when I have to reconnect everything I typically just don't do it so I'm try to find a way to just press play and it starts, I have an mp3 player hooked up to it I'm not bluetoothing. Thanks for any help guys! https://www.walmart.com/ip/onn-Mini-Rugged-Bluetooth-Speaker/358719507
  4. Hey guys I'm trying to learn Japanese and to help me in trying to have japanese audio on all the time so I bought a 10 dollar bluetooth speaker and it works, but it sucks having to reconnect it every morning. Is there a cheap speaker that I could connect my phone to that will just automatically work without me setting it up everytime and not auto turn off the speaker? (I'll have it plugged in 24/7) It doesn't even really need to be wireless I have a ipod shuffle I could connect to it if I need to. (also I have it in the bathroom so bonus points if it's water resistant) thanks for any help!
  5. That's a good idea lol, where do I find one of those on Amazon?
  6. Hey guys, I have a terrible sense of time so I keep ending up late to things, like it will be 2:00 and I have an appt. at 3:00 so I'll say "OK I'll do some work for 30 mins then get ready to go" then I look back at the time and it's 3:10. I've tried setting reminders on my phone but things keep happening like I left it in the bathroom or it is on mute. What tech could help me with this? I first thought a watch could, but knowing me ide prob take it off and not remember to put it back on. I'm always in my room when this happens cuz I work from home so I was thinking maybe a speaker is best, lik
  7. I have quite a few questions so I was trying to avoid making like 20 posts and typing a lot of words
  8. Hey guys do you know a place a could call that could offer support for setting up a nas? I have a multitude of fairly simple questions and I was hoping to talk with someone to figure it all out is there a cheap or free resource for this? Thanks for any help!
  9. So im looking here https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/workstations-isv-certified/precision-5820-desktop-workstation/spd/precision-5820-workstation and they dont seem to have any good cards they work with primarily Quadro cards or no card at all do you guys know one you would recommend by dell that has like a card similar to say a 1080 or 1070
  10. I agree i typically build systems for my friends, but he wants a pre-built out of concern for issues, i tried to assure him it would be fine, but he wants a pre-built regardless.
  11. Hey guys its been a while sense i have bought a Pre-built computer so i don't know whats best anymore. Im helping a friend find a computer. his budget is 1200 it can be a little over if needed. Parts i know he wants are a 256GB SSD and at least 1TB hard drive, an I7 9th gen or Ryzen equivalent, 16GB Ram, and a beefy GPU. Just an overall nice build for the price. Main uses will be CAD/Blender 3D renders, all adobe products, video watching in 4k, etc. I know its overkill for those tasks but that the goal. Thanks for any help!
  12. ya i just said that amount that's just what their current computers have. So far they havent given me a budget they just said get what you need so i was going to pitch some diffent builds to get their thoughts. thanks for the help btw!
  13. Hey, guys, i recently got a job at a manufacturing company and they needed someone to make realistic outdoor renders so i stepped into the position. They want me to tell them what parts i want in my computer. there is no real budget just that it can run everything i need to do. I primarily use Blender, there will be some use of maya, nuke, and possibly hoodini. I am going to work with very large files (often times like 5-10 GB CAD files). I was thinking something like 2x 1080 ti, around 95 GB of ram, and like a 22 or more core processor. any suggestions for a studio quality computer for runing
  14. If there's not a stylish mask that prevents sickness so you don't come off as weird the first guy to make it will be rich